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    Password protect a subdirectory

    encryption would be your friend here
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    where the hell are we going...

    ...and trying to get drunk off, I would guess, 5-7$ 0.5% beverages :doh:
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    where the hell are we going...

    B4 Nightclub wat ^ :shok: A club for minors. Although I must say the guy who started this is a genius (business wise), but oh man I can't stop thinking about where we are heading as a society with this :doh: I'm pretty sure the idea has been out for a while, but once again, wat I know the...
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    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    The game seems fun so far but the menu navigation is not that good... And the thing that pisses me off the most is the arrow drop mechanism, it's atrocious. It seems to adjust the aim automatically with the distance and I'm not even sure to continue playing the game until this is fixed/changed o_O
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    Can I run BF3? Post your specs and results

    phenom 940 stock with 4GB of 800MHz and a 4850 stock at 16850 * 1050... settings at low and getting ~40 fps something is probably wrong o.O edit: its my work computer so I don't really expect much out of it, but still :haha:
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    Battlefield 3

    I stopped working a few minutes and tried BF3 real quick since I bought the game yesterday... am I the only one appaled by the mouse sensitivity and how awkward it feels? o.O There is some people talking on forums about 'negative mouse acceleration' in the beta and EA supposed to take it off...
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    Dennis Ritchie, RIP

    I have great respect for ritchie, but jobs has done so much for the industry... there's no surprise in him having more press.
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    crazy question... how do you hold your mouse for gaming?

    Thanks for the link Sugar (and thanks for the answers everyone)! It seems like I have a fingertip grip... but I think I should try to change that. I feel like I'm holding a '98 compaq three button mouse :haha:
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    crazy question... how do you hold your mouse for gaming?

    I have a small dillema right now on how you are "supposed" to hold a 'modern' gaming mouse. Before when I pretty much did anything with my computer I always held my mx518 with the thumb on the side buttons, the index on the left button, the middle finger on the right one and was always...
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    Need advice for Linux Distro.

    iirc#1 -> with gnome go on the 'top' bar, go in the preference menu and click on either 'screen' or 'display' (i don't remember which) OR go edit manually in xorg.conf (not sure you want to actually do that) iirc#2 -> there's no apply button in gnome
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    CCC 11.10 beta drivers

    i think its maybe time I update... I still have the one coming with my 4850 cd :p
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    Question(s) about Ubuntu Server

    ~tl;dr all have you tried ctrl + alt + F1?
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    windows home server "vail" expired - now what?

    ^ that solves problem #1 The FreeBSD Project ^ this solves problem #2 BOOYA O_O
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    Saving The Bird

    lol they really dispatched someone to pick up the bird? heck don't try that with le berger blanc :haha:
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    How do you kill that which has no life

    :haha: :thumb: