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    mirc download speed dropped! help!

    Use a VPN service is your ISP is being a jerk.
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    Dental costs

    Dentists usually charge more if you have insurance, conversely they cut you a deal if you're uninsured. This is 100% legal in Canada. My health insurance actually costs me money compared to not having insurance and saving the money. For many people it is not worth it unless it is a work perk...
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    Ontario government wants the CRTC to regulate the Internet

    Canada is becoming totalitarian. We are told what light bulbs and what types of toilets we are allowed to use. Now our overlords are pissed off that we're not following their cancon rules by not watching their propaganda, like CBC news. The government has no right to tell me what I can and...
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    Electric space engine Cool !

    uhhh this is really creepy. I was thinking that the thrust was simply the thrust from light, but they think they tapped into the quantum vacuum virtual plasma....that is beyond amazing.... it is tapping into zero point energy.
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    Crossfire Usage Help!

    I don't think an i5 "K" will bottleneck you at all if you're just running a single game without streaming. Just look at the various HWC charts. In short it is my opinion that switching to an i7 or an enthusiast series platform will have a smaller effect on your frames than switching to more...
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    i5 4670k settings oke??

    I found bumping the ring voltage helps at higher clocks.
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    Problem with roomate, need some help and advice.

    If he is not paying rent then he is breaking the lease.
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    Swiftech H220X Finally released.

    I LOVE IT! :clap: I saw it today on Bundymania's facebook feed. It looks amazing and it's very comparable in price to other AIO water coolers.
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    PowerColor Devil 13 R9 290X Dual Core Review (Comment Thread)

    I can't wait for all copper 3d printing. I'm gonna liquid cool EVERYTHING when it gets invented. :rofl:
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    Intel I218-V vs Killer E2201

    killer and intel NICs are both great, and give about the same latency.
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    I want to buy another 7950, is my PSU good enough?

    You might scrape by with that PSU. You'll know if it's not working by the blue screen of death.
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    Bottlenecks? Bottle to the neck

    My 2 cents: Haswell i7 4770K is a much faster processor than the i5 750 @2.7GHz. In many games you will get much higher frame rates, such as SC2. However, the i5 750 is still "good enough" to run current games. 1866MHz memory doesn't improve frame rates over 1333MHz memory one bit when you're...
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    Windows won't boot. "No such partition, grub rescue"

    I did this long ago and cannot remember the link, but can't you reconstruct the MBT from command prompt and a windows cd? It was like 20 lines of code, and might have been for xp... lol
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    Solar Roadways!

    Putitng these in your driveway! That's a good idea! I also found out it costs 10,000 for a 7 inch glass hexagon. Sooooooooooo yeah this isn't gonna work anytime soon. I'd much rather spend the money on the ITER project, that Canada pulled out of. Capturing the energy from a natural fusion...
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    Solar Roadways!

    This is so full of holes. I don't see any proof on concept calculations on steady state power averages and minimums. They say it's "Green" and "Smart" and "Intelligent" and so many other buzz words yet there is no mention of how much energy, money, and resources it will take to produce an insane...