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    Samsung Galaxy Note Review Comment Thread

    I still prefer my Galaxy Nexus, the note is to big for my taste, but I really interesting product. Kudos to Samsung.
  2. matsta31

    Bulding a HTPC - Been out of the loop

    wow thanks guys. I still have a stanard def TV never played a blueray.... lol. Lots of thigs to research. will look into the sharp thing. My father have one ans I just liked the look of the screen...
  3. matsta31

    Bulding a HTPC - Been out of the loop

    Hi, Its been a while since my last build, no time for gaming does that to you ! I am buying an HDTV soon and I want to build a HTPC but not for Tv recording purposes, I will have a free pvr for that. What I want to be able to do : - Playback physical DVD and blue ray. - Playback media...
  4. matsta31


    16 cores on one chip, nice... When is the second one coming ?
  5. matsta31

    The "What book are you reading" Thread

    a new mistborn, cool. On my reading list for holiday season after I finish the black company.
  6. matsta31

    Two 590s or Four 580s?

    to much for anything, I vote one 590 and donate saved money to your local charity.
  7. matsta31

    25 beers of Xmas

    Cool, seems SAQ (Quebec Gvt run Liquor store) has just received some. I know what I will be drinking tommorow night. Dont be afraid to give me other suggestions.
  8. matsta31

    25 beers of Xmas

    Hey, can you list waht you have in there ? I was looking for new beer lately.
  9. matsta31

    512 gig. OCZ Octaine SSD review's

    There is a good one at pcper too. Interesting SSD. edit : link OCZ Octane 512GB SSD Full Review - Indilinx Has Returned With Everest | PC Perspective
  10. matsta31

    Linus should a buy a MSI Big Bang Xpower?

    Linus, Linus, Linus
  11. matsta31

    Want to Sell Logitech G9 Gaming mouse

    Dremel sold, only the mouse left. Will be adding fittings, tube etc.. tonight.
  12. matsta31

    Want to Sell Logitech G9 Gaming mouse

    Bump, nobody wants to make a window in their case ?
  13. matsta31

    Western digital WDEARS 1.5

    That is why I said fair. So I guess 80 $ would be ok ?
  14. matsta31

    Western digital WDEARS 1.5

    With all the problem in the Hard drive business, I see pricing has come up like crazy. I am wondering what should be a fair price for this western digital green 1.5 TB ? NCIX.com - Buy Western Digital WD15EARS Caviar Green 1.5TB SATA 64MB Cache 3.5IN Hard Drive OEM - Western Digital WD -...
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    Want to Sell Logitech G9 Gaming mouse

    I would guess it is more arounnd 8 to 10 lbs. I'll get quote if you wish.

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