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    What music subscription service are you using?

    I use YouTube music. Also nice having YouTube premium so no more ads.
  2. maverick_brent

    Canada Computers Website 403 Error?

    I started getting the 403 error using my mobile. Tried incognito and it still persists.
  3. maverick_brent

    Price Check 5930K Gigabyte X99- Gaming G1

    Looking for a price check as im getting the upgrade bug, gear is a bit older, but still works great. Intel 5930K and Gigabyte X99 Gaming G1 Wifi MIght also have a Msi Gaming 1080ti thanks for the input in advance
  4. maverick_brent

    Nvidia 3000 Series Announced with pricing

    Wonder where the 2080ti market will end up.. and what the best path for a 1080ti owner to go..
  5. maverick_brent

    Linus Tech and Noctua

    reuse of a shipping container...
  6. maverick_brent

    Whats your latest purchase?

    Well done sir!
  7. maverick_brent

    Whats your latest purchase?

    Been playing with overclocking more to extend the life of my 6850k, (up to 4.4ghz, but gonna go higher) I reached the max and life of my old h105, so upgraded a bit ;)
  8. maverick_brent

    All Metal Fan?

    god, i can only imagine the feeling of cracking a knuckle on the end of that thing.
  9. maverick_brent

    2080 or 2080S with current prices?

    I agree with most here, wait...see what becomes of the next 6-8 weeks.
  10. maverick_brent

    new HAMR tech for HDD is expected to allow scaling up to 80TB!

    Its a ton of capacity to lose on a hdd fail...by god better be running a raid 1 or some sort of good back up implement.....
  11. maverick_brent

    Want to Buy Gaming headset

    Well ive had some rotten luck with headsets lately. Hoping there is something of interest here. Let me know if you have any headset your looking to get rid of. Wireless or wired.
  12. maverick_brent

    Anyone have an Anthem Beta log in?

    https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2018/12/10/anthem-open-beta-dates/ looks like the beta will likely be open to all from this article. The Alpha wasn't alot to write home about. It was very limited as one would imagine, and the first session was basically a write off with their servers melting...
  13. maverick_brent


    I sold two strix for 400 each a couple months ago.
  14. maverick_brent

    Want to Sell All sold

    you got pm
  15. maverick_brent

    The Happy New Year Game Giveaway (2018 Edition)

    Id take a need for speed origins if its still around

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