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    New graphics card

    @GT7R, Is the only reason you said a non-Ti GTX 560 because it would break the budget? I'm just wondering if you have had any issues with them since you said the non-reference 6850s are hot and loud.
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    Will my E6750 bottleneck a GTX 560?

    Hey all, I'm selling the machine in my sig to a friend of mine, and we're looking at the possibility of upgrading the graphics card. It's mu understand that I can pick up a GTX 560 for around $200, and theoretically it should blow that 8800GTS out of the water. My first question is, is that a...
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    What price should I ask for my old rig?

    $350 seems a bit low to me, but I'm inexperienced in selling old parts. Do WC components really go down in value that much? My feeling is that a decent quality loop like that shouldn't go down in value as much as an old chip or graphics card. I can understand those being essentially worthless...
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    What price should I ask for my old rig?

    Thanks for the quick reply. That was sort of the ball park price I had in my head when I first thought about it. I don't think its unreasonable.
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    What price should I ask for my old rig?

    Hey all, I recently built a new gaming rig, and I really have no use for my old one. A friend has expressed interest in buying it, but I really have no idea what to ask for it. The old rig is in my sig, does anybody have any suggestions on how much I should ask for this? Keep in mind I won't be...
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    Palit HD4870 X2 Review Comment Thread

    Another brilliant review. Excellent work SKY.
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    question about vista and wireless

    I recently had to switch to wireless and I'm running Vista. I have noticed considerable lag spikes while gaming compared to a wired connection. If you can get a wire running, I recommend you do it.
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    For those who think Noctua's are worth $20...

    I don't think they're worth $20. That's why I buy them during HWC sponsored deals sales!
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    Tubing and Tube Coils

    Most people will choose Masterkleer for 7/16" I believe. I went with Tygon but it's ridiculously expensive, probably not worth it. I bought Primochill coil, but got it price matched for $1.88 for bundle. I can't quite remember, I think a bundle of it is 40". It works well, there's lots of color...
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    Primochill Ghost Fittings

    Just a tip, using contact cleaner on your board and other components is a good way to get the Feser one off once it dries. That stuff tends to leave a pretty sticky residue on things it gets spilled on.
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    XP or Vista for gaming?

    There are so many different opinions flying around about this it's hard to choose one or the other. At this point I see no reason to not go with Vista if you are buying a new Windows install. As far as I'm concerned Vista SP1 and XP SP3 are the exact same for gaming. As for other applications...
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    Spore is going to rock my socks.
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    Ubuntu 8.04

    8.04 installed grub for me. But if you install Windows after Ubuntu then it will overwrite it with the Windows menu.
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    Logitech G15 2ND Gen Gaming Keyboard

    He means that he wants the keyboard to have USB 2.0 rather than USB 1.1 ports.
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    The plague of sequals

    Call of Duty 6 haha that just sounds so ridiculous. The call of duty franchise is one however that has been doing it right with the sequels.

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