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    How much can I sell my pc for?

    Thanks for the replies! I'd be happy with $300 for sure. I'll try that and would settle for $200 or so if it doesn't sell.
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    How much can I sell my pc for?

    It's an hp... 15-bs062st is the model number. https://www.cnet.com/products/hp-15-bs062st-15-6-core-i3-7100u-6-gb-ram-1-tb-hdd-us/ Ya I didn't realize the 250GB SSD was so cheap now... damn, lol. The HDD is 2.5" and is internal. So maybe like $100 for the whole thing? Thanks for the help!
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    How much can I sell my pc for?

    Hey sorry about the lack of info, I don't know a lot about this stuff. Let me look into it. The computer for sure isn't great, but I thought maybe the 250GB SSD and 2TB HDD might be worth something.
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    How much can I sell my pc for?

    Sorry if this is the wrong forum, but I wasn't really sure where to put it. My pc info is in the image attached. I've upgraded it with a 250 GB Samsung SSD, as well as a 2 TB HDD, which isn't that old. The pc isn't that great, but the hard drives I'm sure are worth something. Want to put for...

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