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  • Mr. Owen; you are the God of Modding (at least as far as I'm concerned), just a quick question.

    I'm cutting a piece of acrylic for a window mod (on a 700D) using a jigsaw-sorry no bandsaws allowed in the apartment-what kind of blade should I be looking for (TPI ?), and what speed should I be cutting at (low, medium, high ?) ?

    Thank for any assistance
    Hi Bill! I recieced my package today the nuts and bolts for fan mounting were perfect and look much sharper than the stock screws. Also the t-shirt was a perfect fit and it's generated alot of conversation, especially with the organizers of the Hal-Con sci-fi convention. I wouldn't be surprised if they contact you in the near future about a custom case for next years event.
    Congrats on being on the front page on CPU magazine! Nice ION Cube you did Bill :thumb:
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