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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 Review Comment Thread

    supply and demand I concur. It also depends on how much stock (or how little) is flowing in the retail channel as well as how much competition there is. As AMD is not competing in this range and there doesn’t appear to be much stock of the GTX 780 (yet), the prices are a bit over MSRP. I...
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 Review Comment Thread

    I ordered the EVGA GTX 780 Superclocked 941MHZ with reference cooler from NCIX for $659 (I prefer the rear exhaust). - NCIX just raised the price of this one to $689. They also raised the price of the Acx cooler version to $689. btw, I paid $420 for my 6800u 128mb, and $640 for my 6800GT back...
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 Review Comment Thread

    I stand corrected.
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 Review Comment Thread

    Geeks.R.us Squeetard, you're right that without competition from AMD/ATI, the 1st order at nVidia is to charge as much as possible. But that doesn't mean they can charge more than the market (guys like me) will bear. btw, the price jump is more like ~ 20% by my estimate. So, don't bite...
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    gtx 770 = rebadged gtx 680

    NOT the GTX 780 price? Although this search was kind of interesting, I do NOT think that this is really the GTX 780 price. Soon we will know. P.S. the GTX 780 search at NCIX does not work amymore. :shok: That was fast.
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    nra Tshirt arrested

    Damn, I llike that one,:rofl: LoL,...really.
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    Ocarina of Time 3DS

    that 1st time One of my all-time favs :thumb: I have found though, you can't really go back in time (pun intended) and recreate that 1st time feeling. I recently played some DooM 2, and yes it was fun, but not like the first time,... those are some good monster killin' memories.
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    Hilarious K-mart Ad

    LOL :haha: - That reminds me of an older ad for a particular Cat Litter Box called "Catch it".
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    *Attention !!* Chimp Challenge is on! Official stats page added!!

    beta flag good Thank you! - added the beta flag and it's folding like new employee in the T-shirt section of the GAP. :thumb:
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    *Attention !!* Chimp Challenge is on! Official stats page added!!

    GPU client not folding Anyone have an idea why I can't get the GPU client folding on my 7970. :shok: I posted some details here. Thanks
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    Folding @ Home New Users Guide - V7 Client

    trouble folding with GPU Hello, I wanted to add GPU folding for the CC and I've had no luck getting it working. I keep getting :Run: exception thrown in GuardedRun -- cannot continue further. no matter what I have tried. Here is what I have done so far: I added the GPU slot w default index...
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    Apple Launches iPad Mini, Updates iPad with A6X Processor

    I prefer the smaller size and lighter weight but with a res of only 1024 x 768 and at that high price, I'm not impressed. Nexus 7 1280 x 800 Kindle Fire HD 1280 x 800 NOOK HD 1440 x 900 Koboarc 1280 x 800
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    Big thanks :biggrin: And a Big thanks to you hard working hamsters for straightnening out the collassal mess.
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    HWC 2012 Chimp Challenge Rules Thread!! Lets go bananas!!!!

    I concur with both of you. The site hack was malicious and inopportune. Missed the smack box too. We still did remarkably well though imho. I'm looking forward to a smoother run next year (with plenty of good natured smacking :bleh: ).