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    Want to Sell New EVGA 850w PSU, Corsair Pro 140mm LED fans, Old DDR2

    Nothing else to do while stuck at home, so I've been rounding up various parts that are now up for sale. Excellent 100% feedback here back before the great meltdown, and on RFD. Located in North Etobicoke but can drive within reason. 1. evga Supernova 850 P2 Platinum PSU Power Supply Box...
  2. morphine

    Want to Sell All sold

    Bump and some updates.
  3. morphine

    Want to Sell All sold

    Up! Price drops!
  4. morphine

    Want to Sell All sold

    Spring cleanup time! I am located in north Etobicoke, work near Heartland in Mississauga. I drive and can meet within reason. Longtime member with 100% feedback before the feedback meltdown a few years ago - RFD and eBay feedback links below - buy with confidence! Pictures to actual items are in...
  5. morphine

    Want to Buy Found

    Looking for a laptop for someone at work. Needs 15.6" or 17" screen. Must have numeric keypad on keyboard. Needs an HDMI or Displayport output as well. I'd prefer a Core i7, 3rd generation or newer. Something like an Elitebook 8570p or Thinkpad T540p would be good. Located in Etobicoke and can...
  6. morphine

    Want to Buy WTB: 140MM fans

    Hello folks. Looking for two 140MM fans for a rad, and three more for use as case fans. I've always had good luck with Noctua and those would be preferred, but let me know what you have. Prefer local GTA deals. PM me with offers.
  7. morphine

    Want to Buy Crucial M4 128GB or 256GB in good condition

    I think I have one of those in 128GB. I'll check for you. Jason.
  8. morphine

    Want to Buy WTB: GTX 980ti

    Personally, the wife is being shipped off on a trip with her mother so it's the only time I can sneak in an upgrade without her seeing it.... :haha:
  9. morphine

    Want to Buy WTB: GTX 980ti

    Looking for a GTX 980TI in the general GTA or surrounding area. I drive and can meet more or less anywhere in that area. Would prefer a non-reference overclocked unit, with box, accessories and receipt for warranty. Private message with offers please.
  10. morphine

    Want to Buy Wanted : Ultrabook or similar

    Need an Ultrabook or similar smaller laptop for a friend. Preferably 13/14", mint condition, hopefully with some warranty left. Budget is $300 - $400 or so. A slightly older ThinkPad X series or EliteBook would be nice, but PM me with offers of what you have. Located in...
  11. morphine

    Want to Buy WTB: Motherboard/CPU/RAM combo

    A friend of mine needs a new motherboard, CPU+heatsink and RAM combo. He already has everything else. Preferences are: Intel CPU, Ivy Bridge or newer Decent CPU heatsink Motherboard with copious amounts of internal SATA connections RAM can be a minimal amount Some warranty left on CPU and...
  12. morphine

    Want to Buy WTB: quad core desktop, monitor

    Hello folks. Need a quad core desktop for a friend who is into Photoshop editing, etc. Prefer a decent amount of RAM, SSD boot drive, and a 2TB drive for storage. Don't really require a power supply or video card as I have those sitting around already. She also needs a decent IPS monitor for...
  13. morphine

    Want to Buy Power Supply PSU for HTPC

    Bought one, thanks all.
  14. morphine

    Want to Buy Power Supply PSU for HTPC

    The PSU on my HTPC kicked the bucket tonight in a glorious shower of sparks and burning smells. Anyone in the GTA (or within reason) have something that's quiet and decent? Preferably under warranty. I'm located in north Etobicoke but I drive.
  15. morphine

    Want to Buy GTX 690 GTX690 Titan

    Up. Might have something with o320 but still looking for a local deal preferably.

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