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    Want to Sell new retail p67A-ud7 b3 +some ddr3

    Nice price; wish i had some spare $$$ right now. :thumb:
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    thermaltake Armor + Case paint

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    Fractal Design Define R2 - Black Pearl

    Looks lovely for the price! :clap:
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    NHL Draft Lottery Tonight

    Yay, Oil retain #1.
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    NHL 2010 Playoffs

    My picks: San Jose > Colorado Chicago > Nashville Vancouver > LA Detroit > Phoenix Washington > Montreal NJ > Philadelphia Buffalo > Boston Pittsburgh > Ottawa
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    The NHL on NBC Promo

    Ahaha :haha:
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    Go Oilers Go!

    2-0 lead turns into 3-2 with a couple minutes to tie it up lol, fat chance...more epic fail for the Oil. It's so depressing to watch i don't know why i do.
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    Go Oilers Go!

    The fail, it is epic. :sad:
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    Sweet lord those are some glorious numbers. Dunno if they justify the price tag, but that's for you to decide i suppose.
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    Thermalright TRUE copper Heatsink

    Ugh... Did not enjoy lapping my non-copper one at all.
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    Go Oilers Go!

    Good start by the boys so far this year :) Hope to see it continue.
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    Now this is a beautiful sight *PIC*

    :shok: What's she max out on there?
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    Superpi 1m Benchmark Competition

    i5/i7 has made it too easy to get below 10s. This isn't even properly tweaked...just upped BCLK; RAM is all loose still.
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    Any thought on the Foxconn ELA?

    Looks rather impressive. But appears to be impossible to OC unless you enjoy nightmares. Foxconn ELA: Unusual Mainboard on Intel P45 Express Chipset - X-bit labs
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    Want to Sell Edmonton area only - i7 920 & two 2x2 GB Mushkin DDR2-800

    i5 platform has changed my plans. :biggrin: