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    Tritton Wireless AX 180 Univesal Gaming Headset Revealed

    I agree with Caldezar 100% I purchased 3 of these headsets (AX 180) for myself and some family members and I'm severely disappointed. One headset being flawed could be dumb luck, two, not likely but still plausible, but all three exhibiting the same sort of problem? I've noticed that this...
  2. Nademon

    Sapphire HD 5830 1GB Review Comment Thread

    Great review yet again! As for the comparative AA, I think it's a fantastic addition and personally, I like the line graph you chose over bars. I think it more clearly demonstrates visually where the performance goes in relation to the other cards at each step of IQ change. It was easy for me...
  3. Nademon

    Let's go Team !!

    Simply outstanding job team 54196!
  4. Nademon

    FahCore_A2 2.10 Performance Fix

    Just tried it and my PPD on that client went from 2500 or so up to 2952ppd. Seems to work and it hasn't affected my GPU ppd. Nice find!
  5. Nademon

    Folding milestone

    Thanks for the kudos! I only wish I had more time and resources to commit to the cause! Keep up the great work all...we're really coming along!
  6. Nademon

    Innovation Cooling 7 Carat Diamond TIM Test results thread *NOW ACCEPTING RESULTS!!*

    sswilson is correct...same exact compound, just a larger tube. Since diamonds are measured by weight, the larger tube contains 24 carats worth of diamond powder as it's 4.8 grams compared to the 1.5 gram tube of IC7 which contains 7 Carats.
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    Folders, we have a challenge.

    They called us "Filthy flannel wearing Canucks" Reason enough for me to want HWC to be ahead of them and upwind so they can get a good whiff of our filthy flannel! :thumb:
  8. Nademon

    Folders, we have a challenge.

    +1. Keep those points comin guys and gals!
  9. Nademon

    Folders, we have a challenge.

    Simply amazing effort HWC folders! I was looking at the PPD over the last 3 days and I had to do a double take. over 800k for the past 3 days...just fantastic! Looking forward to overtaking TPU so they can get a good look at our beaver tails!
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    WAKE UP!!!!

    I have a 9800GX2 heading out for RMA...wouldn't happen to have a spare one of those kickin around would ya :whistle:
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    Let's go Team !!

    Just wanted to say great work HWC folders! over 600k were posted up for yesterday and i only see that number going up in the coming weeks. that graph's starting to look like the trajectory of a NASA rocket so let's keep up the effort and climb up those ranks. TPU needs to feel the heat!!
  12. Nademon

    Time to start folding???

    Lots of info here, but if you like, PM me and I'll do what I can to walk you through and get you up and running. Lots of folks here that know a lot and would be glad to help.
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    Dell monitors

    I swear by my 2408WFP 2nd Rev. Simply one of the best panels I have ever used for the price. Dell C/S is great too (once you get past the script reading techies). They replace the monitor for me 3 times as the first was the old revision and the 2 replacements had stuck pixels. Finally they...
  14. Nademon

    Dual Channel RAM issue

    good stuff! I know I'd be irritated if I couldn't get DDR to work. Glad you got it up and running.

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