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    Rogers Ottawa Significant IP Address Reassignment?

    I haven't been home in a few days but I am getting home tonight. I will check up and report back tomorrow on the findings. I am with Rogers in Ottawa as well.
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    Nearly Frozen Loop :D

    -40C Antifreeze should do the trick. Stay away from mineral oils unless you know that your pump can handle the higher viscosities at the lower temperatures. Also, as mentioned in a thread a few weeks back, condensation is NOT cool. :) But yeah, sometimes it pays to be a Canadian winter-lover!
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    After overclocking, constant black screen. HELP!

    LOL! Thanks for catching this. After reading that post, I was convinced that 'I' had two threads completely confused. That being said, a speaker could help this situation. Some motherboards come with 4 status lights on them that have different error codes associated with how they light up. I...
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    After overclocking, constant black screen. HELP!

    He already stated in the OP that he tried clearing CMOS via both pulling the battery and jumpers. To me, it suse sounds like something is dead. Let's start witht the basic list and work our way down: 1. Ensure that power to everything is secure. This may sound silly, but double check...
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    Work in progress I AM CANADIAN, and my computer uses winter air!

    There is no risk in "freezing". Almost every extreme overclocking contest uses liquid nitrogen at well below 0C to cool their CPU, GPU and chipsets to reach their 5+ GHz clock speeds. The risk lies in condensation. Even though the air is considerably dryer in the winter than in our lovely...
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    EVGA X79 board with 8 DIMMS?

    I'm on fire today! Thanks for correcting me. I am not a fan of being mislead so I am glad that you guys have my back.
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    EVGA X79 board with 8 DIMMS?

    Drat! I missed your EVGA comment. Sorry about that. Also, remember to note that if the mobo calls for QUAD channel memory, you will need to buy that type in order to make the most of it. Happy hunting!
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    EVGA X79 board with 8 DIMMS?

    Let's try this again... http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/p9x79-deluxe-g1-assassin2-x79-ud5-extreme9,3086.html
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    EVGA X79 board with 8 DIMMS?

    Tomshardware has a review of four such boards in there Motherboard Articles section. I'd post a link but this is my first hardwarecanucks post and I can't link.