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    budget 1440P 27" monitor for gaming?? please help

    Monitor was $399 yesterday, $279 today. Save $120.
  2. nToxik

    Finally Something DIFFERENT - Fractal ERA ITX Case Review

    Some are into choking. I'll let myself out.
  3. nToxik

    anyone here know anything about sit-stand desks?

    I've been purchasing these for some of my employees at work. I purchase the 48" ones because it comforably has room for the user to have paper pad/notebook next to their keyboard to write stuff in the stand position. I also like these because if the employee needs to move to a different location...
  4. nToxik

    budget 1440P 27" monitor for gaming?? please help

    This 31.5" 2560x1440 IPS FreeSync 75Hz monitor from Staples often goes on sale for $299-$349. https://www.staples.ca/products/2870765-en-acer-315-inch-wqhd-lcd-ips-monitor-with-amd-freesync-technology-et322qu
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    Looking for nice airflow case with ODD in 100 - 200 €/$ range

    Phanteks Enthoo Pro M Fractal Designs Focus G Google reviews first.
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    Rants etc.....

    Just purchased 16GB DDR for my i7 2600K. I've been only running 8GB since I built the original PC back in 2011. Playing WoW, having like 20 chrome tabs open with discord running and I was using ~8.4GB of memory. This should makes things a little more smooth and tide me over until my new build...
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    Case for Build

    Yup, I've been looking at possibly replacing one of my PCs which also have a 5.25" DVD drive and those 2 cases are pretty much the only 2 that fit those requirements. The G Focus is supposed to be pretty tight for wiring as well.
  8. nToxik

    Pci sata card

    Are you looking for a card to expand your SATA storage? If so, a lot of Unraid users purchase these cards from this guy. They are already flashed to IT mode so all you need is SAS to SATA cables...
  9. nToxik

    Orb cooler recommendations for 3600x

    Doesn't the 3600 come with an orb-like cooler?
  10. nToxik

    Retiring 1366, 1500$ to spend

    The issue I have with Intel right now is that with so many security vulnerabilities, I think a lot of the testing doesn't have these vulnerabilities patched (either windows or BIOS). I mean Intel even recommends turning Hyperthreading off as the only solution to fix some of these. I'm sure many...
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    The 4 Year Cell Phone?

    I still use my OnePlus One phone from 2014. I did replace the OS with LineageOS because Cyanogenmod (and later OnePlus' OS) became unsupported.
  12. nToxik

    Canda Post $#&* Company now?

    You can use FlexDelivery to have parcels delivered to the nearest retail postal outlet rather than your home. https://www.canadapost.ca/cpc/en/personal/receiving/alternative-delivery.page?
  13. nToxik

    Must Have programs for Windows?

    A free anti-virus like Avast! or Bitdefender.
  14. nToxik

    Canda Post $#&* Company now?

    You should be calling Canada Post to complain. They keep track of this.
  15. nToxik

    NVMe Performance on X570

    How is it formatted? GUID or MBR?

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