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    Want to Trade ALL $OLD

    bump for a great seller.
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    Colour Scheme

    Lets talk about the aesthetics of a computer, some like to build a pc that's all about performance and don't give a crap about how it looks. While others want the performance but also want their build to be a work of art. We all dream of maybe one day getting our rig featured inside the pages of...
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    AMD Challenge

    I am issuing a challenge to all you fellow HardwareCanuck members. The challenge: Put together an AMD based system that is mATX form factor, can overclock and can play games like WoW, Diablo II, Civ V, Marvel Heroes & SWTOR at 1080P. I am big on aesthetics so keep the parts to same colour...
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    Gigabyte’s A88X FM2+ Motherboards Detailed

    I have the A10 6800K and I was going to get a FM2 board but I will wait for the FM2+ as they look to be better and some nicer colour schemes. It would be wicked if Gigabyte came out with a Sniper mATX version.
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    EVGA GTX 650 Ti Boost vs XFX Radeon HD 7850

    Which would be the better card to get? They perform simillar from what I have seen in benchmarks, they are around the same price. The GTX 650 Ti Boost is $165.00 The Radeon 7850 is $170.00 I'll be using it to play WoW and Diablo III and Civilization V. System Specs: CPU: AMD A10 6800K...
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    ASUS announce first ever m-itx ROG Motherboard: Maximus VI Impact

    Pair that with a 4770K and a GTX780, that's one LAN rig that can kick a whole lot of ass. Here is a video from NordicHardware @ Computex 2013 where they overclock the 4770K to 6.8 on LN2 using Maximus VI Extreme and Impact Asus Maximus VI Extreme and Maximus VI Impact overclocked with LN2...
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    Game Of Thrones (WARNING: Contains Spoilers)

    If the 3rd book is any inidcation I think there will be another major character death to come before the season ends with next Sunday's episode.
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    Should I upgrade to Haswell?

    Thanks guys. After reading your responses and thinking long and hard I don't think I'm going to upgrade. I think I will either wait till Broadwell comes out or skip the whole 1150 socket and wait for Skylake to be released in 2015.
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    Should I upgrade to Haswell?

    I'm currently running a 2600K with an ROG Maximus Extreme-Z motherboard. I'm debating on if I should make the jump to Haswell. Budget will be an extra $200 above what I get for the cpu and mother if I decide to upgrade. I'll mainly be playing Diablo III, WoW and BF4 and doing some ocing...
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    2600K and ROG Maximus IV Extreme-Z

    Any idea on the current value of a 2600K and ROG Maximus IV Extreme-Z? Thanks
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    2013 Stanley Cup Playoffs

    Western Conference Chicago vs Minnesota - Chicago in 5 Anaheim vs Detroit - Detroit in 7 Vancouver vs San Jose - Vancouver in 5 St. Louis vs Los Angeles - Los Angeles in 6 Eastern Conference Pittsburgh vs New York Isl. - Pittsburgh in 5 Montreal vs Ottawa - Ottawa in 5 Washington vs New York...
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    Game Of Thrones (WARNING: Contains Spoilers)

    Ep 1 was slow and Ep 2 was better. You have to remember it's all building up to something battles going to go down. I am debating if I want to read the third book or not.
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    Game Of Thrones (WARNING: Contains Spoilers)

    Has anyone watched the first two episodes this season?
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    Help with Twitter Handle

    Looks like that is too many characters so I went with Overclockerca
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    Help with Twitter Handle

    Thanks. I like the overclockerdotca

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