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    Look what Dell has.

    I actually think this PC is targeted towards a lot of the rich kid yuppies in Forest Hill and Rosedale. Their parents don't want to deal with parts or any of the College Street stores. So instead the simple solution is to buy something overpriced (like most other possessions that these people...
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    NCIX opening in Ottawa Dec 26

    NCIX needs to open a store in proper Toronto. Having to drive to the woods (e.g. current stores are in Markham, Mississauga) is a total turnoff for me. I basically still go to smaller Chinatown shops instead and save myself the $20 in burnt gas.
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    unable to do 1080P from PC on my TV

    I have never had to install a TV driver in my life when trying to output 1080p. You have a $1500 TV and a $35 video card. I would try replacing that video card as a first step. Try another video card via HDMI and let's go from there. I am willing to bet the problem is not on the TV side. After...
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    IVY-E likes FAST ram???

    While I disagree with this point "Its easier on the IMC of the Chip", I do agree with your statement that populating ALL RAM slots reduces OC headroom.
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    Want to Buy Cable Modem (teksavvy)

    I have a new sealed Thomson 516 modem from Teksavvy which I never ended up using. $45 shipped within Ontario.
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    Supermicro Dips its Toes in DIY Motherboard Market, Unveils C7Z87-OCE [techPowerUp]

    LOL well if it's a Supermicro board, that should automatically give all l33t gamers a 1FPS advantage straight out of the box!
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    Canonical tries to crowd-source $32m for Ubuntu Edge

    For an $800+ phone I would have expected more than a 720p screen. Phones have been selling with that resolution for a couple of years already...nothing cutting edge there.
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    Verizon Jumps the Border, Offers $700 Million for Wind Mobile

    I realize this is just a start for a new (to Canada) wireless provider but seriously, every time I travel elsewhere in the world I get reminded how terribly we get shafted in Canada when it comes to telco services and pricing. For example, I pay $165 for my Bell Fibe TV and 25Mbps internet plan...
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    Lenovo Shows Their Gaming Side With The Erazer X700 Desktop

    The terms "gaming machine" and "microATX motherboard" do not go together. Period.
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    Haswell potential PSU issue

    If those CPU power states can be disabled in the mobo BIOS (as I imagine most power users will do on day 1), I imagine that existing "unqualified" PSUs will continue to work alright.
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    Best 2.1 speakers for $150

    I use the Klipsch Promedia 2.1 set. I've spent some time with the Logitech competitor (Z-2300) but the Klipsch have clearly superior satellite speakers in my view.
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    Western Digital Black 4TB HDD Review Comment Thread

    It's a shame this review didn't include the Hitachi Deskstar 7K4000 4TB drive...
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    Google Launches Nexus 10 Tablet; An iPad Competitor at Just $399

    I totally agree. I think that the current state of LTE services in this country are absolutely appalling. They are simply a way to gouge consumers over and over.
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    Windows 8 Packaging Revealed

    Wow that packaging design looks very ghetto - just like Corel boxes.
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    Is Seagate Looking to Up Its SSD Game with OCZ Acquisition?

    I don't get all of these complaints about OCZ warranty service. Even many years ago, OCZ was always awesome. I'd call, get an RMA number and then just drive to their Markham office for a direct, on the spot replacement. Usually I would be given a superior product to the one I was returning. I...