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  • My brother in law should be picking it up for me tomorrow. I was pretty disappointed for all the good that the Domino brought to my system the performance was marginal compared to the risk of a leak. Unless I intend on doing some crazy overclocking I think I'll stay with air cooling for the foreseeable future.

    Now I basically need to buy a whole new system, motherboard is fried, video card is fried, not sure about the CPU or RAM but I'm sure they are okay. I think I'll modify my review of the Domino when I get a chance next week. I won't downgrade it from the good review I gave it but I think I'll warn people that for the performance gain you get from the Domino you also get a bit of risk, the same risk you take with traditional water cooling systems.

    But that will have to wait, got some funky weather heading this way hopefully we'll have power come Monday.
    I have to be honest bud I was glad to read you were you going back to aircooling. Did you end up picking up that cheap TRUE black?
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