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    Logitech G27

    Hi guys, how much do you think i can ask for a almost new Logitech G27? maybe 10h on it and still have the box and everything Thanks Phil
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    *** HELP water cooling with generic water block

    https://www.dazmode.com/store/product/ek-vga_supreme_hf_hd7970_cu_adapter/ you need this, the core is lower on 7970/r9 280x so the block can't make a good contact
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    Want to Buy R9 290/290x

    Im looking for one r9 290 or 1 r9 290x reference, one of mine died and im still waiting for the rma... someone have one for a good price? Thanks Phil
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    Want to Sell Corsair AX750

    up, still for sale
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    Want to Sell Corsair AX750

    up, still for sale
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    Want to Sell Corsair AX750

    card + waterblock sold, corsair ax750 added
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    Want to Sell Corsair AX750

    card not pending anymore + price drop
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    Want to Sell Corsair AX750

    gpu-z don't seem to love this card, no vrm temps, vcore never change... but in my case i get more oc with increased vcore in gputweak, btw when i read on forum it seem that not all dc2 card unlock with this gputweak,
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    Want to Sell Corsair AX750

    gputweak 2214 ( i guess it's 2.2.14), i save it on my backup if you need it btw, card is pending
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    Want to Sell Corsair AX750

    puro didn't show up today so next week to remove it form the loop.. for people that wondering, you can change the vcore on this card with the good version of gpu tweak
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    Want to Sell Corsair AX750

    Up for sale is a 2.5 year old corsair AX750, minor scratch (9.9/10), never be in a case without psu dust filter. I have all the cable + retail box that come with this psu (not pictured) 120$ + shipping https://imageshack.com/i/n55wf9j
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    Want to Buy Looking for some custom sleeving

    you can keep the ram and vrm cooler form the stock cooler by removing the shroud, fan and heatsink and put a universal gpu glock on it (my ek supremacy vga fit perfect on my 7970 dc2) just need this https://www.dazmode.com/store/product/ek-vga_supreme_hf_hd7970_cu_adapter/
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    agility 3

    thanks for your reply guys:thumb: the only last question before buying it is 2x60gb in raid or 1x120gb? Thanks Phil
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    agility 3

    Hi everyone, i can be interested to buy myself a ssd, im looking at the spec of the agility 3 vs the vertex 3 and for me it look the same, do i realy see a every day difference? the vextex 3 is about 80$ more expensize(bolt 120gb) or can you give me another '' best buy '' for the same price, im...
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    HD 5770 - 24.77 (PCCyber)

    Ordered one this morning, got this email 2 min ago... Has been cancelled for the following reason: The product(s) requested had an incorrect list price on the web site. PC Cyber makes every effort to ensure that the correct prices are listed on the web site, however, errors can occur. PC...

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