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    Suggestions for a Server build

    Alright... maybe we should go a bit more into detail... he'll be hosting his own website which consists of a fairly complex search engine program and a forum. The search engine is the 'tricky' part. The program basically crawls other websites, downloads information, etc...(and is multi-threaded)...
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    Suggestions for a Server build

    First post edited... :)
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    Suggestions for a Server build

    Hey Guys, A friend of mine needs to build a server to host a few websites. He has only a few wishes: Preferably: A tower... not a rackmount Dual CPU with quad core processors At least 8 Gb of RAM 1Tb of FAST storage... hot swappable in RAID 1 on a Hardware RAID controller. Which drives...
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    RMR: Rick Hansen

    ROFLMAO!! I can't feel my legs!!!! What an amazing video... :)
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    G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 4GB

    Also... these suckers are pretty cool.... temperature wise.... very cool to the touch... :)
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    353 pointers failing on GTX260

    Same here... thank God I'm not the only one! Mind you... I'm running a GX2.... it's the second GPU that gives me a hard time...
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    BrainEater Custom Title

    Same here! GJ on being Awesome! May you inspire many more... :)
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    Push >>>> Heatsink >>>> Pull .... This usually generates lower temperatures for your CPU, as opposed to just a pull or push configuration... :)
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    Balloon boy's 'flight' grips viewers

    Mwuahahahaha! This made Google search queries top all day! The top 20 searches were all about this family! Unreal!
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    Balloon boy's 'flight' grips viewers

    American Childcare -1 American Style Commotion Over Nothing +1
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    Thermaltake SwordM VD500LBNA Aluminum Extrusion w/Water Cooling System Full Tower Cas

    And where did you see that? A link would be nice.... :)
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    How many hrs per night/week?

    I love the night as well.... but ever since we had our little boy... that kinda went down the drain.... before it used to be 4 or 5am before I finally hit the sack, nowadays it is maximum 2am. Also I think I have a sleeping disorder.... I can not get enough sleep ever... :( If my wife lets me...
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    Now that's asking for a ban alright!
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    I hope this thread NEVER reaches the outside world... now THAT will be a sad day :(

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