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    Losing WUs

    No idea. That is annoying:angry2:. Was there anything on the F@H forum?
  2. prokaryote

    Let's go Team !!

    Actually, for the sake of the purpose of F@H, I hope Awachs speeds up! However, more to the point, I hope that our glorious team speeds up more to keep ahead of Awachs!Way To Fold:punk::thumb:
  3. prokaryote

    New HCF folding members please post here for intro and tag requests!

    Welcome back superflyx3 Welcome Fleurious! way to fold!
  4. prokaryote

    Folding milestone

    Thanks! And congrats to all of the other folders and their accomplishments! Keep on foldin' -P
  5. prokaryote

    GTX 460 Folding Slows Down/Stops Randomly

    Hmm. Try reinstalling the Nvidia driver, do a clean reinstall. If that doesn't work, try installing an earlier driver (266.58) or the latest beta driver. There have been issues with drivers and F@H for Nvidia cards. -P
  6. prokaryote

    Lookout Lee, here I come!

    Ha! didn't think of that. Geez that was a while ago!:bleh::haha:
  7. prokaryote

    Lookout Lee, here I come!

    Theme from Jaws playing in background. :ph34r::shok:
  8. prokaryote

    xxx9999999 workframes ?

    Ha! Love South Park! (could just blame Canada):shok::bleh: Just out of curiosity, what are the temps of your GPUs when folding? May be pushing the limits? -P
  9. prokaryote

    Interlagos or Ivy Bridge Xeon for future system?

    Thanks for the update John, good info to know, especially regarding getting the most work (Points) per Watt! -P
  10. prokaryote

    Interlagos or Ivy Bridge Xeon for future system?

    :thumb: All of the gallop on 9/10 of the hay!
  11. prokaryote


    Found this (Supermicro 4P with standard SATA connects) for ~$680... I think it'd be worth it to sell the other single P kit along with the GTX 570s and pick this up. Just thinking out loud. An addiction is a scary thing. Thank goodness I can use this for "work" & classes.
  12. prokaryote


    Say, speaking of cost, is there some way <$1000 that two servers can be linked, maybe via a switched fabric like infiniband, so that they operate as one... Can see where I'm going with this. Maybe, there's a way to link two 4P servers that may have the speed of 6-7P? Just wishful thinking...
  13. prokaryote


    :whistle: Ah, but the 4 headed monsters or the riders of the apocalypse can do it in 2 plus some change... then there's the rarely seen 8 headed hydra which can do it in a day!:thumb:

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