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    GTX 1070 OC 8GB

    I'm just wondering what a fair price would be for a GTX 1070 8GB, be it stock or an overclock or superclock variant.
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    LG G5

    I got $195 for a new G4, with a slim TPU case and tempered glass screen protector. Your G5 is used though, so I'd say 150-200 locally if you can swing it.
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    Water cooling stuff

    I got a lot of offers of $250 for a 4790K locally (Ontario) so I would think you can get maybe $280, and might try higher like $300 for haggle room. Difficult to say with the z97, I don't see too many on Kijiji and the prices are wonky, so maybe $100-120, try for $150? DDR3 is 8GB sticks so...
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    Assorted Phones (OPO, G3, G4, V20, P10, S7, iPhone 7, Pixel 2)

    Just a quick update for reference, not that anyone is interested haha. The Pixel 2 128GB is now in my pocket. One Pixel 2 64GB was sold for $700 (had 3 people willing to meet, but first one to show got it). The other Pixel 2 64GB payments got taken over by another friend and is his new daily...
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    PC i7 6700k, 16gb DDR4, Z170 G1.Sniper

    Don't forget DDR4 is overpriced a bit as well.
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    GTX 1060 ROG Strix 6GB

    Yes, my experience moving a few dozen cards a few years ago, I found local the best way to go. Moved a bunch through Kijiji, Craigslist, RFD, and even a few here. Shipped everywhere from Vancouver to St. Johns too haha. I'd advise finding whatever your selling point is, then listing at least...
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    GTX 1060 ROG Strix 6GB

    Exactly, that's what I meant by don't forget the PayPal fees. Depending on the listing type, eBay takes 10% off everything, PayPal then takes their 2% plus whatever tacked on fees they want so you're up to 3-5%, then they hit you with a foreign currency conversion if you listed in USD for...
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    GTX 1060 ROG Strix 6GB

    Don't forget the PayPal fees, depending on the type of listing you can end up paying 12.5% to 18% in fees to eBay and PayPal.
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    Assorted Phones (OPO, G3, G4, V20, P10, S7, iPhone 7, Pixel 2)

    I was looking to upgrade from my OPO a month ago haha. I have no idea about the phone market, just wanted to sell some of my old ones, and now I have a few people that want me to sell theirs as well, fun times.
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    Assorted Phones (OPO, G3, G4, V20, P10, S7, iPhone 7, Pixel 2)

    Hi all, I have a gaggle of phones of varying states from various sources that I'm looking to move, but I don't really know what good prices are, and I'm not getting any bites on Kijiji, so any insight would be appreciated. Here's the list, in order of worth I guess: Pixel 2 128GB (brand new...
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    tri-x 290, ddr3 ram, i5 2500k

    Yeah, I noticed they're selling for prices I was getting 4 years ago haha. I moved a few dozen cards back them from miner liquidations, wish I'd kept some for myself now. eBay is definitely the way to go for that stuff, PM me what you get, I'm super curious, have the exact same card sitting in...
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    mITX 4770K combo (Price Check)

    I'm thinking the CPU is worth at least $200, and the RAM is worth at least $100, so $350 I think would be a good price. That is if you want to thread the Kijiji waters.
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    Galaxy S7

    I couldn't say for sure, but maybe $300? I have a brand new in box S7 upgrade from my carrier and I haven't been able to move it for $400 for a few weeks now =(.
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    tri-x 290, ddr3 ram, i5 2500k

    Are you sure it's Tri-X 290 or or Tri-X 290X that are selling for $400? If it's the 290 then those cards are selling for more than they did 4 years ago haha.
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    tri-x 290, ddr3 ram, i5 2500k

    I sold a few reference 290 cards for $350 each about 4 years ago. Tri-X 290 is a solid card and miners have driven up prices so it's difficult to say. I'm seeing silly asking prices locally, so maybe try $300 on Kijiji and see if you get any bites.