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    Want to Buy FOUND

    Looks like I found something, thanks everyone!
  2. Realityshift

    Want to Buy FOUND

    Hey fitbrit, that board might work fine for me, I don't care about onboard HDMI as I have a 1060 in there anyhow, I'll MSG ya. Justme if it doesn't work out I'll let ya know.
  3. Realityshift

    Want to Buy FOUND

    Hey guys, my back up motherboard just ate it :doh: and im looking for an LGA 1150 motherboard to replace it. Its a back up/friend computer so I dont want to break the bank on a motherboard but lets see what is out there.
  4. Realityshift

    NCIX bankrupt?

    Yea I can also agree on the fedEX comments, they absolutly SUCK up here as well. Id have to say the past year or so I moved from NCIX to either amazon or memory express, either of them offered better customer service or stock lately.
  5. Realityshift

    Diablo 3

    The big thing is they have to fix the drop rates for a lot of the set item lego drops, some of them are just plain stupid, 200 kills no drops type stupid.
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    Diablo 3

    I totally agree with you ss, they have to fix the legendary sets crafts to more line up with their difficulty.
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    The Forest. Anyone seen this game?

    I will most assuredly be playing this, I really love steams green light when its used properly =)
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    Battlefield 4

    My 780 was struggling pretty bad last I tried it, havent tried the new drivers yet though.
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    Need to upgrade soundcard for 80 ohms headphones

    an iphone will power 80 ohm DT770s, the 80 ohm versions of those headphones were meant for easy running from low amped sources.
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    Want to Sell Double post

    Bump for a great seller, that sure looks like my old case ;)
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    Everquest Next

    Man I remember how long it took me to get level capped the first time in eq1, it actually felt like a great achievement then... Not like getting level capped in wow now. I still play eq 1 now and again for shirts and giggles, still lots of good memories there. Signed up for next a few days ago...
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    Want to Sell GTX 580s more to come 1 for $160 WEEKEND ONLY

    Bump last price reduction if they don't sell this weekend they become my back up video cards ;)
  13. Realityshift

    Want to Sell GTX 580s more to come 1 for $160 WEEKEND ONLY

    LONG WEEKEND fast sell pricing!