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  • You're right sir... I think I'll just try to be happy with what I've got and wait till LGA 2011, in the meantime save some $$ and buy a whole new system.
    And really, thank you so much for your caring attention! :)
    Was curious on the Evga GTX 280 SC "TR" what the TR is, does that have to do with the warranty, was wondering since these cards are normally lifetime limited warranty.
    are you still running the 3 gtx 280's? i was just looking at one of your posts about the far cry 2 benchmark i thought that was quite low for your system im running a single gtx 295 and i am completely destroying your fps on higher settings to boot
    Holy eballs bob, thats quite the system your packing these days. Does it really make you feel bigger than all the rest, lol

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