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    Hilariously Overpriced Old Cards

    I’m gonna try for the 3080ti launch list. I would even go sit early at anbrick and mortar if that works anymore.
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    3080's where art thou?

    I feel kinda dumb for not buying something or waitlisting on launch day. Now, I guess I just hobble along for another year and hope nvidia or amd can get supply sorted.
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    Want to Buy Nothing for now

    I sent you a conversation request
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    Want to Buy Nothing for now

    I have a 3570k that was a good clocker, put a 3770k in last year as a last gasp upgrade, if you’re still looking.
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    Want to Buy LGA1366 EE or X cpu

    US mail is also in the international backlog. I have parts that the shipper said they would use ups and then switched to usps to save money... so they’re into the abyss. That x5690 in Canada On eBay might be worthwhile tho. I was sleeping on a 965ee that went for 45 bucks this morning :/
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    Want to Buy LGA1366 EE or X cpu

    It’s just a p6t deluxe. Problem with shopping from eBay/etc now is international mail is 3 months backlogged, and not many people want to use dhl or whatever courier
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    Want to Buy LGA1366 EE or X cpu

    Came into a good x58 system to play with, it only has a 920 so looking to see if anyone happens to have a 965EE, 975EE, 980x, or 990x. Might consider a locked chip if nothing unlocked is out there.
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    Sandy Bridge & FX Combo

    Well, I’ve seen a 2600k sell for $40 usd on reddit. You’d probably net $200 cad out of the sandy bridge combo down there after shipping.people are selling off their premium 4790k setups for around 200usd.
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    Want to Buy Cheap bare bones system

    Need a mobo, cpu, cooler, and ram. I would take a PS if it was decent. Friend of mine had his video card die and a lot of other issues he can’t afford to fix (I think it’s a phenom ii of some sort.) He’s a gamer but nothing too demanding. I am gonna give him a video card and an SSD but would...
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    3 x EVGA GeForce GTX 690 Signature Cards, near mint

    150 each would be good/optimistic maybe I think. I’ve been looking at getting rid of my 670’s and they’re worth so little I may as well give them away. I’ve watched them not sell for 80-100 usd on reddit.
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    Want to Sell XSPC Radiator RX360

    Do you have the intake filter for the 800d? All I need is the filter and the hot swap door, I’d happily buy you out on the case for just those and whatever other parts will fit in a flat rate shipping box.
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    No Man's Sky pre-order: anyone jumping?

    Launch is just a few days away! I haven't preordered but think I may cave and try this before the reviews come out. I kind of like the solitary play style.
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    Want to Buy 3770k & higher end 512GB SSD

    Had always wanted to do this CPU upgrade, never got around to it. For the SSD I wouldn't mind a 850 EVO but open to ideas.
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    Whats your latest purchase?

    Just got an Asus GTX670 to play with SLI.
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    Samsung U28D590D 4K Monitor

    Ask yourself if you'd buy it yourself... 50 bucks off (and ~60 taxes) saved for no warranty, no return, etc... I think 400 starts to make it interesting vs 610ish for brand new with warranty.