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    Want to Sell ASUS RT-N66U and Netgear EX6200 Range Extender - SOLD!

    range extender If you are selling the range extender I am interested.
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    MOBO not powering on

    I reset the CMOS and the board started to posted for me, but still no lights on. Not sure why that is, but everything is working fine after I did that. Thanks for all the help on this.
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    MOBO not powering on

    I didn't do a CMOS reset and there is no ram in the board when I was trying to get the power on. I can try that and see what happens and let you know.
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    MOBO not powering on

    I just recently picked up a i7-4790k and a MSI Z97 gaming 5 motherboard. I am using a Corsair TX750W power supply. For some reason, I am not getting any power to the motherboard. None of the LED lights will turn on or the CPU fan turn at all. I have done some of my own trouble shooting on...

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