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    who here is gonna buy a new 'lite' Pixel?

    It's probable the best Android experience for what you pay at the moment. If my Pixel XL craps out anytime before xmas this year, I will be getting a 3a XL. That CPU is fast enough, battery will likely last longer than on the 3 XL, while the camera is pretty much the same.
  2. sa seba

    FX8350 + Asus Crosshair V + 16GB Gskill 1600MHz

    I am thinking of moving up to a Ryzen build soonish, and to offset that cost, I might sell my current CPU, MB and RAM. What would this be worth? Thanks!
  3. sa seba

    Need A new Tablet.

    Thats another good thibg about the Shield K1. Nvidia is pretty good with updating the tablet, and there are custom roms available via XDA.
  4. sa seba

    Need A new Tablet.

    I know it's not 10", but I can fully recommend the nvidia shield K1. I bought one just a few weeks back at memory express. It runs unmolested Android Marshmallow and is pretty quick all around.
  5. sa seba

    Time to switch to Win 10?

    Done! :) I might just end up dual booting 10 and 7 for a bit.
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    Time to switch to Win 10?

    I believe with the Pro version, you can hold off on updates and schedule them properly if so desired. This is what I might get. Still undecided.
  7. sa seba

    Time to switch to Win 10?

    So, the time is coming up for a fresh OS re-install. The question I am asking myself now is whether to use my Win 7 copy for that, spend a few days downloading and installing updates before anything else, or do the switch to Win 10 already. I am looking forward to a few games coming out next...
  8. sa seba

    Kanto Yaro 2 Amplifier & Speakers Review Comment Thread

    Would be nice to compare them to the Audioengine A5+ speakers. It's a similar price range I believe.
  9. sa seba

    Want to Buy 750 ti or equivalent Radeon for small case

    I am looking for a 750 ti either in low profile or just close to reference size, or an equivalent card from either red or green camp. I was thinking of 100 CAD. cheers
  10. sa seba

    Kaveri Dual Graphics or dedicated GPU?

    Well, then the jury has spoken: 750 ti it is. This will be a late Xmas present for myself. Can't wait to replay Mass Effect on the big screen this time. :) Thanks Guys!
  11. sa seba

    Kaveri Dual Graphics or dedicated GPU?

    About a year ago, I build a nice little HTPC, with the following components: - A8-7800 - 8 GB 2133 MHz Ram - Gigabyte GA-F2A88XN-WIFI The A8-7600 has quite a capable iGPU for it's 65 Watt envelope, but I would like to build up on that, without increasing power consumption, and fitting in my...
  12. sa seba

    Ikea Flintan Office Chair Review | The Best Chair for $69.99?

    I think some of their more pricey chairs (like the Markus) carry a longish warranty that covers the air chamber thingy. I have had my Markus for 1-1/2 years now and so far it has held up much better than any of the staples chairs (250-300 CAD range) I had bought before.
  13. sa seba

    AMD Price cuts

    Here in Canada, price cuts you.
  14. sa seba

    Radeon Software Crimson; The Review (Comment Thread)

    You got me worried there, but after going through the find your driver thing at the AMD site (for an Athlon 5350, Win 7-64Bit in my case), the Crimson Software came up: Radeon Software Crimson Edition Graphics Driver Installer for Windows 7 64-Bit AMD A-Series APUs with Radeon™ R3 Graphics is...
  15. sa seba

    The AMD R9 Fury X Review; Fiji Arrives. Comment Thread

    At this point, I have had it with AMD. I have bought Phenoms, Visheras, Kaveris and Kabinis, as well as GPUs ranging from 4890 to 290, all despite of performance promises not archived, and all in the name of supporting the under dog. Limited R&D due to financial strains leads to falling behind...

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