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    Is the 3300X not getting the press it deserves?

    The dollar is nearly 1.4 CAD to USD at the banks (market rate is 1.36 as of about 40 seconds ago). The 3300x MSRP is $130. So $175 is totally reasonable actually.
  2. Sagath

    Updgrade or start from scratch ??

    Your system isnt that bad for a 1080p build, assuming you're running a 60hz monitor. The GPU may be limiting you slightly in some games. I'm not sure I'd dump the cash in to upgrading the rest of the hardware *today*, given that. If you really had the itch you could look at upgrading from the...
  3. Sagath

    Is the 3300X not getting the press it deserves?

    'Best' doesnt always mean 'most cost effective', and reviewers metrics of best can easily be skewed for...whatever...reasons. A 3800x is 'Better' than a 3300x in almost all games, all else being equal. Is it "best" then? I'd say no, but only cause I would do a dollar/perf analysis and say "wow...
  4. Sagath

    Is the 3300X not getting the press it deserves?

    I think there are lots of people that know how good it is and are saying so. It's an incredible processor for the dollar value. I'm currently using one to build up a new PC for a family friend.
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    Rants etc.....

    That thing is great, except that differing hardware is still a hot mess. There needs to be a standard; I would have FOUR rgb software apps on my PC to control each item (ram, cpu block, mb, gpu). Lucky for me I can't isolate which one of them (or combo of two of them) won't let my PC sleep. So...
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    Rumors That Zen3 May Be 5nm Surface

    Almost assuredly not if precedent means anything. AMD (and nVidia) are notorious for releasing (tweaked) existing products on new nodes prior to moving a new product over.
  7. Sagath

    Windows 10 May 2020 Update Available

    It was beyond annoying. Its shown here by moving a window, but it would kick in on literally any GPU use as well; Have discord open and someone sends a message? Stutter 1 second status updates on a program? Stutter Switch tabs in FF/Chrome? Stutter Before there was a fix, I actually locked my...
  8. Sagath

    Windows 10 May 2020 Update Available

    Funny enough, the greatest thing about this update is a bug that almost no one talks about, the reason I joined the insider program, and isnt even being readily advertised:
  9. Sagath

    Windows 10 May 2020 Update Available

    2004 makes sense for the version. Settings: About
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    Windows 10 May 2020 Update Available

    Anyone actually pulled it? Curious which release build it is, as I have one machine on 19631 Edit: finally found a decent source. 19041 build.
  11. Sagath

    Ryzen 9 3900XT Has the HIGHEST Clock Speeds! 3600XT, 3800XT Specs Revealed!

    Its not clear that the infinity fabric has been increased to handle higher speeds of up to 2000mhz with these new bins. I'd be surprised if it has.
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    HP Z220 Stock cooler replacement ideas..

    If you can get in there, I would definitely measure the hole pattern and save yourself a lot of grief.
  13. Sagath

    17" Laptop, $1500 CAD budget

    Rakuten has 10% off today for Lenovo. Also; the 15.6 'customized' option adds Win10 for free, and the 2060 upgrade is only $80 if desired. It could definitely help with graphic design going to the 2060. Biggest downside to this laptop is the base screen is only 250 nits...which makes @sswilson...
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    Looking for gaming build feedback

    I see you changed the RAM to the Ballistix I mentioned, but at 3200. I would say that at $112 for the 3200 vs $130 for the 3600 that an easy 3% for literally no work IS worth it, but thats up to you. If you overclock/tighten the timings on the 3600 that % is going to grow. Also, 2x16 has a...
  15. Sagath

    Looking for gaming build feedback

    Generally speaking, the 'rank' of ram matters more, as the cpu can communicate with more ram on one channel with dual rank (2 chips) vs single rank (1 chip) ram. If motherboards were quad channel the article you read would be correct, but that's only on HEDT platforms currently.

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