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    Buy/Sell & Trade Rules

    Hmmm... Looking at these dates. I'm wondering if I qualify to sell anything here or even if it is still possible to sell anything here.
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    Intel 6900K - sealed. In the box. Never used.

    Thanks. I don't think I could sell it here anyway. I only joined this forum recently. I was just wondering what a good price would be as I am considering crossing over to a Thread Ripper platform. My 6850K cost me around the same price you mention here and it is considered a lower tiered chip...
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    Intel 6900K - sealed. In the box. Never used.

    Yup. That would be Intel's price in U.S. dollars. I was looking for a quote in Canadian dollars, but thanks for the reminder. :)
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    Intel 6900K - sealed. In the box. Never used.

    Thanks. I was thinking closer to half price. New Egg is selling it for around 22 hundred.
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    Pink Floyd Computer

    :blarg: Video of this should open with WELCOME MY SON... TO... THE MACHINE.
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    12″ (30cm) DarkSide CONNECT Dimmable Rigid LED Strip – UV Rev4.1 Query

    LED LIGHT STRIPS DO THE JOB One strip for the wife. One for my daughter. My other daughter's is red, no RGB, and no remote. It is powered via fan header on a fan controller so she has her own dimmer switch in effect. They come with remotes now for less than 20 bux Canadian. :thumb:
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    Red HyperX Fury with White HyperX Fury

    If the bus speed on the RAM is identical and the CL (latency) rating is precisely the same you shouldn't have a problem using them together if the RAM is already suited to your main board. Ideally, you should used matched RAM but this is only an optimum ideal. On a side note red and white would...
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    Intel 6900K - sealed. In the box. Never used.

    Can someone quote me a realistic price please.
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    Questions - AMD Threadripper 3rd Generation 7nm

    Would sure be nice if we could run something other than Win 10 on Thread Ripper.
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    Whadda ya think... Is it true?

    I was not trying to set anyone up for click bait and I hope no one is "blindly" clicking on links but I did watch the video and I do wonder if this isn't the case with Intel. Since the video is speculative in nature I brought here, to the "rumor mill" to put it to the people as it were and get...
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    Whadda ya think... Is it true?

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4PZw75K9ydY Intel is full of surprises but I don't think they're that dedicated to PC enthusiasts. What say you?
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    I think I am missing something.

    The last post here was in 2017. Did I read correctly? Does this forum feature a buy, sell, and trade? How does that work and where do I sign up? Sorry. I'm such a noob. :(
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    do you trust AI like Alexa,etc?

    I don't trust Alexa. Never will. You know how a thing will seem too good to be true and then later one discovers that was precisely the case? I wonder what Edward Snowden thinks of Alexa.
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    how much RAM do you have?

    Dare I Answer this? Depends what PC you're referring to. I've never done a complete RAM count on all units. One of my main boards comes equipped with 128 GB of Corsair Dominator Platinum RAM. The ram serves me well, I've never had trouble with it. I even got over 70% of it working in one usage...
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    Oh No, not THIS again!!!

    Seems as though Windoze 10 update disasters weren't enough to keep the Microslops at MS Miserable happy. It started last night with a patch for Creative Soundblaster on my wife's PC. I thought I found a work around to get her 8.1 booted and playing sound again but alas, it was only temporary. So...