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    PfSense hardware built suggestions.

    Hey everyone, I'm curious about pfSense and thought it would be fun to build a router pfSense to try it out. Unfortunately the price to build a new PC seems higher then what I like (budget around 300$) so I decided to looked used but even that seems a bit off since the specs aren't really up to...
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    Nintendo Switch

    I'm guessing sort of like the PSP, with an Ad-Hoc mode or an Internet connection.
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    New phone for my severely technologically challenged wife

    Welp perhaps add Windows Phone to the mix? I mean she just need a phone that works right? A windows phone is pretty gosh darn simple to use. If you can't tap on huge rectangles or squares, then there's no hope... You can always try the Windows Phone emulator if you have Visual Studio...
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    Wireless mesh network for the masses?

    Honestly I've been doing research on Ubinquiti APs last week after Google announced their router and everyone seems to love them, even if it's an entreprise product. Ultimately it went like this. If you need a mesh network then go with Ubinquiti. However if you simply need 1 good AP, then go...
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    Dell U2713HM died.... need replacement?

    It's not broken... it's a feature to make it spooky Halloween. Nah I'm kidding. If you must stick with the Dell brand then yeah the U2717D is comparable with your U2713HM monitor. I'm not a monitor expert but if you can get it on sale, then why not? I'm sure the others here will have their...
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    Laptop Suggestions for WOW:Legion

    Shell Shocker Deal. Exclusive Jaw Dropping Savings on PC Components and Electronics - Newegg.ca Lenovo Yoga Y700-15ACZ for 900$ TODAY ONLY AMD Radeon R9 M385 4 GB AMD FX-Series FX-8800P (2.10 GHz) 8 GB Memory 1 TB HDD 15.6" IPS Full HD 1920 x 1080 For the price it seems fantastic.
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    Laptop Suggestions for WOW:Legion

    Does this include shipping and taxes or not? 1000$ is not enough, to be honest. Even when I had access to wholesale rates I paid around 1100$ for an MSI DX60 back in 2012. The only way is if you looked at the used market like Kijiji or Ebay. Unless someone else here knows one?
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    Used Galaxy S7 or new OnePlus 3

    The only issue that I had (this was with the 950 XL) was the early batches had a squeaky backplate at the bottom part so if you were holding the bottom part you would hear a squeak, they fixed it in later batches. The reason why I returned mine was because I had financial troubles and returning...
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    Used Galaxy S7 or new OnePlus 3

    Microsoft, HP, Acer and some smaller companies are producing handsets with Windows 10 Mobile on it. But to be honest I'm not planning to upgrade from my Lumia 830 until either A) A full Windows 10 with phone support comes out (powered by an x86) or B) My phone dies...
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    4K blues

    Guess it's a good thing I waited out on 4k since it sounds like a broken mess just to get those videos to work fine lol. (That and I don't have the cash to afford one.)
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    Used Galaxy S7 or new OnePlus 3

    As long as it's not the Note 7 and it's explosive battery :P But seriously, I can't say myself the only Android devices I have is a NVIDIA Shield tablet and the ASUS ZenFone 2 (the x86 SoC one). I'm more of a Windows Phone guy... it just works and I don't have to pay an arm for an iPhone that...
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    Anyone know if the Intel 600P M.2 SSD is any good?

    Hmm I am using it for VMs so it will do heavy loads easily... alright I guess I'll wait until the EVO goes on sale can't really afford 400$+ for it.
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    Anyone know if the Intel 600P M.2 SSD is any good?

    Hey everyone, My current boot drive (Samsung EVO 850 SATA 3 256GB from 2012) is nearly full right now and I've done all I've can to remove as much software out of it and put them onto my HDDs and I do have an M.2 slot available on my mobo. I was wondering if people have heard good things about...
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    Microsoft announces Windows 10

    Someone made a software for those who have privacy concerns it's just a checkbox that you uncheck and I believe reset the PC afterwards and voila it's off. I would suggest keeping the program however just in case a Windows Update somehow turns them back on again. I forgot what the program was...
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    Portable Console for PC Games

    Yeah that's true, I'm hoping to hear some promising things from AMD Zen APUs but a man can dream lol.

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