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    Kakao Stats

    Has any HWCers concidered hosting the Kakao Stats database?
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    Let's go Team !!

    Send a note when you want to fire up the chimp challenge and I will flip the machines over from Boinc and the WCG. :thumb:
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    Slowing down for a while

    I saw a few of these hitting ebay at 799.00USD, Do you feel its a good deal?
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    *Attention !!* Chimp Challenge is on! Official stats page added!!

    Great Job Beavers and all folders on the CC , Some huge science accomplished this CC.:thumb: I have a week of pay back to NCIX too, please share the user and pass for retributions.
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    Folding @ Home New Users Guide - V7 Client

    Resolved I took your advice 3.0Charlie , installed the "latest beta Driver" and the gpu useage did climb up to 89 percent. Thank you. How do I get the client to run the cpu slot as smp as it is stuck as a uniprocessor? I have tried editting the config.xml and it crashes the whole lot.
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    Folding @ Home New Users Guide - V7 Client

    Looking for assistance in getting more ppd from the 7950 cards, Right now its not worth the power to run them for f@h. They are using 40 percent gpu processor each and give off 1400 points in 1.3 days? Wth? AMD Driver is on a 980x @ 4.2 ghz, win7 64 bit, 11 core smp (Ver 7 decided...
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    "Exploit the Dark Cores of the Internet"[VentureBeat.com]

    Ontario Easy to sell concept: free internet coupled with "sell your computing power back to the grid":thumb:
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    Need some insight on a solar driven folding machine

    I have access to a dealership account (read 35 % off) for solar panels if anyone is interested in getting a cheaper startup cost. The company I work with uses solar to run remote telemetry systems. Battery maintenance in the cold is still the biggest challenge for cost effective solar power...
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    Any HWC Boincers?

    World Community Grid Cure for Cancer with GPU If you are running Boinc with WCG and Cure for Cancer; You could pump up your gpu science output. Let me know and I can help with the setup. Basically with a small xml file you can bump your working threads to double and possibly triple the stock...
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    Upgrade GDDR5 Ram?

    I guess the reflow folks I was talking with have a policy over "commercial" products. After a quote was offered they said they didnt work on commercial products so its a shelved project atm.:blarg: If all went well each dual gpu card should be 4 gb memory up from 2 gb stock. There are some...
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    RAM as cache

    You can certainly try out ramdisk and set your temporary files to load onto your ram. If bitcasa has a configuration option to select the cache space folder you can also set that to run off your ram disk. I have included a quick benchmark of the improvement over various types of hard drives.
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    Upgrade GDDR5 Ram?

    Forum Mods - Video card section or memory section? Anyways I have a pair of Sapphire HD5970's with inconsistant memory performance. I have found a reball/reflowing company to replace the memory chips. Is it possible to upgrade the ram in the process or will it saturate the existing onboard...
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    Country Cup 2012 - Do your Country Proud!

    I have a dusty qx6700 to lend out for stage 6 if the N2/ Dice folks want to try it for a run. It will be available by the 7th, just let me know.
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    Folding too confusing? Try BOINC!

    Has anyone experienced ati card crashes on just the milkyway wus? Einstien and Poem seem fine running on same cards.
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    Folding milestone

    SugarJ I have Rosetta, Seti,(LHC) 6 track, Poem and Milkyway fired up

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