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    i love monoprice

    Nice, Never heard of that place before but this came at the perfect time. Need to order a couple hdmi's a toslink and a whack of cat5 :biggrin:
  2. shumway

    CM Storm Enforcer Giveaway!

    They already gave away hints about it being on the spec page anyways...lol So i thought i would just help a bit more :whistle:
  3. shumway

    CM Storm Enforcer Giveaway!

    Go to the specs page and the link is in the middle of the guys chest
  4. shumway

    hows weather in your neck of the woods?

    Boss just drove me home and we got stuck 2 times :haha: Dam plows are only doing the main roads but when they do that they leave a 2 foot drift blocking the side roads :angry2:
  5. shumway

    What female body type is most attractive?

    I like mine the same way i like my steaks There has to be some good meat on that bone or its just not worth eating :biggrin:
  6. shumway

    hows weather in your neck of the woods?

    And its still falling big time :sad:
  7. shumway

    Let's get down to the truth... SCAMMER: "Saber"

    Its because someone actually did what BT! suggested and posted on his wall Not even 5 minutes after that post he switched his profile to private :haha:
  8. shumway

    "Unreal Tournament Tribute" Case Mod

    Looking sweet so far :thumb: I have an huge old server case i was going to use for an unreal mod but never got around to it :sad:
  9. shumway

    Happy Hallooween ppl!!!

    We had 21 kids and that was it. Mind you it was a cold night plus it don't help with the bad area we live in but hey it just meant more candy for me and the wife :biggrin:
  10. shumway

    Proposition 19

    No they count how many cookies are left in the bag next to ya :haha:
  11. shumway

    cheap 8600gts heatsink replacement

    DealExtreme: $4.90 High Performance DC Brushless Cooling Fan for PC Video Card Its a knock off of a zalman vf700 Slapped 1 on my old 8600gts and it worked out alright.
  12. shumway

    Upgrading from 4890 - which to get?

    I would go with xfx as the have the life time warranty :thumb:
  13. shumway

    Case Mod Corsair 600T Graphite Case Mod Project

    WoW :shok: Can't wait to see the finished product :thumb:
  14. shumway

    Netflix now in Canada

    Rogers also dropped the cap from 60 to 50gb a month for all new accounts due to netflix. They think netflix is going to be big so they thought might as well cash in on it too some how :haha:
  15. shumway

    Do people really need to cheat!

    LoL Reminds me of all the little punk hackers on combat arms :haha:

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