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    Case Pics

    Thanks guys! Its not "really clean" though, BTW, after i got my price at coolermaster, (im the first one who won in the pixel contest) i tried my price (HYPER-TX2) to my case, so i got a chance to clean my zalman cooler (Thanks for the water,salt and vinegar, my zalman cooler looks good as...
  2. silverchair

    Case Pics

  3. silverchair

    x58 Motherboards

    Guys! Seems like Abit, Foxconn and other motherboard makers are ready for the lga1366 processor. Othe who catch my attention is the foxconn renaissance TechConnect Magazine - Intel X58 has a strong presence at Computex with a little specs overview of foxconn renaissance: Chipset • Intel X58...
  4. silverchair

    Case Pics

    Kewl, not bad for the anrtec 1200 case
  5. silverchair

    $4800 Build ???

    $4800 is posible if you really got a big buck!, like what my friend did.. take note that mobo,memory and case are not in the picture, but hes using evga 780i, 4gb corsair dominator, stacket evo and watercooling system
  6. silverchair

    HP Blackbird look-alike

    Update: Adding some lights
  7. silverchair

    HP Blackbird look-alike

    @lowfat He remove the front cover of the optical drive to change it into mesh. I hope he will make a nicier one.
  8. silverchair

    HP Blackbird look-alike

    he's using Intel SE7525GP2 server board with 2x xeon processors
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    HP Blackbird look-alike

    The updated part: codename VX1000 The Inner parts: And the looks: And as what he said..."My temporary design..". Still going to have an update for lights, arcylics and mesh.
  10. silverchair

    45nm Quads?

    Yah i saw the benchmarking and testing of q9450 and they said it is a good choice for video editing/encoding rather than use it for gaming like E8400
  11. silverchair

    FS: Fujifilm finepix E900

    Second hand already, and im looking for a price of $250.00, selling it locally only. Thanks guys! Basic Features 9.0-megapixel CCD delivering image resolutions as large as 3,488 by 2,616 pixels. 2.0-inch color LCD monitor. Optical viewfinder. 4x, 7.2-28.8mm lens (equivalent to...
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    Intel's Bloomfield motherboard LGA1366 for nehalem processors

    New sockets, chipsets and architecture en route from Intel before 2009. DailyTech - Intel Slates "Nehalem" for Q4 2008 And the first picture of bloomfield motherboard Fudzilla - First pictures of Intel's Bloomfield motherboard
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    HP Blackbird look-alike

    Actually he really works as a graphic artist, then he put his skills to create a case like that.
  14. silverchair

    HP Blackbird look-alike

    Well as an update, the project is still in progress, some pics are taken already Looking at the drivebay is very unique as he use the top space for it: The Feet is made in aluminum plates (and some steel i guess!?), welded and bended: And the looks of the back
  15. silverchair

    HP Blackbird look-alike

    @empty quarter Well he dosent have a plan to sellthe case, its for his own use. But i wonder how heavy the case it is!? The finish look of the paint!? its pretty amazing

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