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    G710 spacebar issue, reliable mechanical keyboard?

    Tang? My spacebar looks like every other spacebar i've seen pics of on the net, I cant see what piece would be missing. Something that holds the stabilizers in the bar?
  2. Skyllz

    G710 spacebar issue, reliable mechanical keyboard?

    Currently I have a G710+, love the mechanical feel, price was ok but now i'm plagged with the stuck spacebar issue with the stabilisers not staying hooked up on each side resulting in the spacebar not working half the time unless I hit it in the middle? I've seen all the youtube videos on how to...
  3. Skyllz

    How Long Does it Take for the Used Market to Adjust?

    I paid 220 a little over a year ago I think? :ph34r: I'll see if I still have the box at home.
  4. Skyllz

    Want to Sell GTX 580 with water block

    P7P66? Never heard of that before, P7P55 maybe? Just checking :)
  5. Skyllz

    How Long Does it Take for the Used Market to Adjust?

    I'm thinking of trying to sell my 970 because of this now... if I can catch a fish, why not.
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    Whats your favorite budget beer???

    48 pack of Heineken at Costco for 53$ or something like that. Goes down easy.
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    If you have played FPS before, have fun. Think Unreal Tournament Blizzard Edition.
  8. Skyllz


    Agreed. They had to start somewhere. I started 40-something and I'm now 38. I main Lucio and average 13k heal/9k damage per game(had my first 20k heal game last night... was INTENSE) and yet... it's going down. Thanks for many leaves, some actual defeat and lots of "where is the healer...
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    "Brexit" what do you make of it?

    I'm buying some GBP this morning as soon as I can. I fully expect the market to rebound without weeks. They are the first to leave the EU, they wont be the last, I expect Germany and Denmark to look into this sooner than later. If this happens, without the 2 largest money income, the EU will...
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    Why am I feeling like a CPU upgrade would be a waste of money?

    Thanks for the video... and it drives my point even more. I'll just dust it and wont touch it, it still works, good. Leave it as-is for now :)
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    Why am I feeling like a CPU upgrade would be a waste of money?

    Socket 1155 i5-3570k/P8Z77-V LX with 8 gigs of G-skills ram, been running at 4.0 with a Hyper 212 for the last... 4-5 years? I lost count... I've never held on a CPU/mobo for that long. I've been reading reviews and I still get the feeling that I have absolutely no reasons to upgrade still...
  12. Skyllz

    Nvidia just destroyed the value of the used 980ti/Titan X cards.

    Very happy I held for a while... and snagged a 970 for cheap this winter. I don't see myself upgrading for a while now since I'm sticking to peasant 1080p budget gaming. At least another generation of cards(2 years?).
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    Bought it. Played it Enjoying it. Much less morons than the open Beta. Lot harder given the people who are playing actually paid for it I guess. That's good.
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    Playing with friends is fun... Holy crap it’s bad when playing with random people, zero fun what so ever unless in a group. People are so dumb and don’t follow objectives or keep trying to go for the cool kill move. One of the last game I played we had Hanzo and Widowmaker… both getting mauled...
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    Tom's Clancy The Division

    So what i'm reading is that since I don't give much of a rats ass about the game anymore, might as well try cheating and see how long I can keep it up?

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