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  • Im not sure your article on 890FX chip is correct - you claim its dropping DDR2 support but AMD's website says differently.

    GraphicsATI Radeon™ HD 4290
    DirectX 10.1
    Up to 2 slots for Graphics Upgrade CPU CompatibilityAMD Athlon™, AMD Athlon™ II, AMD Phenom™, AMD Phenom™ IIMemory SupportAM2+ socket motherboards support DDR2
    AM3 socket motherboards support DDR3PCI Express®PCI Express® 2.0USBUp to 14 USB 2.0SATASupports SATA 6Gb/s devices* (when paired with a SB850)
    AMD 890GX Chipset

    It will be a crime if someone doesn't support DDR2 memory with this chipset - it can save users hundreds of dollars in building new systems in a bad economy - I wish you could stress this point.
    Hi, I own a site about gaming computers (Gaming Computer Guide, Gamputer.com) and I was wondering if I can use the GPU spec comparison image on your HD 5870 review on my site.

    Thank you and please PM me back after you have read this message.
    Hi, how did you configure your system to fool gta into thinking you have extra memory (and the nomemrestrict and norestrictions parameters).
    Any word further on your review of the Samsung LN52A850?
    I'm looking to get that sometime in the near future and really appreciated your review so far.
    Hello Sky, I think you should double check the trade-up program policies from BFG. I started the process for my GTX280 to the GTX285 and the price difference is 20$

    Here is a quote from my email from BFG "The Trade Up Value of the GTX 285 1024 OCX PCIE2 is $419.99. The price you paid for the GTX 280 OC 1GB PCIE Etail is $399.99. This leaves the totalcost of your Trade Up at $20." (plus shipping obviously)

    If you would be interested in the full email, larameephilippe@gmail.com to contact me.
    hey sky....just want to know are you a IT or your just an entousiast...but when i look your work in here and ncix...u must be an IT.

    Keep up the good work!!!!!
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