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    Want to Buy Sandy Bridge Processor

    interested in a 3820? 50$ + sh Same as a 2700k if you can get a board for it. Stock settings applied entire life, was pulled from corporate machine.
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    Samsung 960 PRO 2 TB

    yea TLC vs MLC lifespan and performance most do not take into consideration so some people are undervaluing MLC drives thanks to QLC being released lol. They just think 2TB is 2TB yet the speeds are nearly half if not less for QLC
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    Samsung 960 PRO 2 TB

    I picked one up to 310, seems like a screaming deal. Under 10k TB of writes and less than 1.5 months of power on hours. I see ebay range from 600-1.2k I would say these would easily sell for 500 or so? Speeds on these things actually max about PCIe 3.0 4x compared to tlc/qlc
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    GTX 1080, iMac & Dell Monitors

    600 maybe, i just priced mine at 550 in a combo sale with a artic 4 including the oem cooler too. the artic coolers have some value but little re-sale value since most do not really care about silence.
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    Want to Buy x79 lga 2011 motherboard

    yea the prices are absurd due to demand, i sold a tower to a co worker and thought it was a 100$ board until i checked ebay lol. you would be lucky to snag a entry level one at 200-220$ or so.
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    Want to Buy Laptop latitude or XPS

    Looking for a second hand laptop, should be skylake or newer due to the advancements in power consumption are dramatic for battery life. Previously used a latitude that lasted a solid 8 hours+ comparable to my older laptop from lenovo that would last about 3 hours. Price is subjective to model...
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    Lenovo Ideapad 700ISK 80RU Mobo connector unknown

    nvm i noticed the spacebar shows no light icon vs the OEM one as well. its for the LED backlighting
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    Lenovo Ideapad 700ISK 80RU Mobo connector unknown

    I'm currently swapping out a keyboard on my laptop and noticed that there is a secondary ribbon on the original that is quite tiny that is placed. I cannot seem to find any documentation on what functionality the ribbon provides. The board appears to have brightness buttons. The only thing I can...
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    Lenovo Ideapad 700ISKRU

    Thx i dropped the price to 6xx, ebay is roughly asking 7-900 for the i7 model and this has an extra 1tb of storage. Ill probably just end up keeping the device as a spare if its 500 or less.
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    Lenovo Ideapad 700ISKRU

    https://www.lenovo.com/ca/en/laptops/ideapad/ideapad-700-series/Ideapad-700-15/p/88IP7000671 No SSD currently in the device, either adding a 256 m2 drive or 512 2.5inch Id say 700 is a decent release point for the device?
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    Want to Buy i7-8700K or 2700X

    If your local to BC I could probably sell off most of my tower to you which is running a 1800X/32gb on ab350 platform. I have two towers currently which one drives my TV and expect to just downgrade that to a NUC as a media center and use the other tower for gaming/work. Its prev gen but still...
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    I checked ebay and realized a 3930k is roughly 100-125cad so I discarded my offer on the chip, I thought they retained value a bit more but given clock for clock comparisons the value seems proportional around 100-150, given these chips can oc to 4.5ghz or so to make up for slower clocks on...
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    3930K / Rampage Black Edition

    Id guess about about 100-150 for the chip, 220 for the ram (I sold 16gb 4 dimms for 110 not too long ago but it took awhile, im guessing your 32gb is 4x8 as well), and say 100-150 for the board? Ive seen 400 for a 6800k + X99 combo on CL but I didn't pull the trigger due to DDR4 prices given...
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    May be picking one up, what would be the recommended price given the new line of cpus for a ivy bridge chip? Only reason I'm even interested is convince with my mobo layout and well I still have 32gb of ddr3 ram slammed into the machine. Id say 225? or less? Id say these are on par with a 1600X...
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    i7 6800k + Asus X99-A II combo

    best guess?