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    HDR1000 HDMI 2.1 1MS monitors?

    Shortage is expected to end q2 2022 Affordability is mainly the key aspect here. I did find some other 1ms 144hz IPS HDMI 2.1 panels based on miniled tech however they are 3-6k. I might as well buy another fing TV that is 55-65inches and throw that up instead. The monitor listed here is pretty...
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    Want to Sell Evga GTX 1080 FE

    I'm hoping it dips hard when the refresh hits, however i'm sure scaplers are just going to target next wave of gpu's LHR or not. https://www.techspot.com/news/91324-nvidia-amd-gpu-prices-headed-back-stratosphere-availability.html Sounds like shits hitting the fan again :<
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    HDR1000 HDMI 2.1 1MS monitors?

    So far the only one monitor to exist meeting this requirement and has positive reviews is, Gigabyte AORUS FC43U There are few others with HDMI 2.1 and being an IPS panel but have lower HDR ratings and the reviews are meh. They also cost more using older tech instead of newer. Curious if I'm...
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    Thinking on replacing my 2nd HDD with a SSD

    Just do it, the load times over a few years for a heavy gamer justifies a few hundred $$$ if you are financially stable. Any NVMe PCI 3.0 drive or better will be more than enough speed wise. Aim for MLC/TLC nand, QLC has performance hits and much lower TBW. I'm pending a gen 4 price drop to...
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    what does the cl stand for in ram

    Depends on the application and operations being performed, the gains between 2666mhz cl18 ram and 3600mhz cl16 DDR4 ram can be upwards of 10% including games framerates. More specifically to MIN framerates which will help prevent stutters in some cases. For your average every day work load you...
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    1080p 144hz over HDMI -> DVI adapter

    nope, cancelled it to save time, the pinouts for DVI vs hdmi/dvi differ and need additional wiring to actually work past 60hz. guess i'm using my TV until a real hdmi 2.1 monitor comes out at sub 1k price tags. even the newer ones from acer are not supposedly not even real 2.1 ports and using...
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    1080p 144hz over HDMI -> DVI adapter

    Anyone tried this in the past, I have a cable on order but supposedly you need an active adapter which I'm fairly certain is a load of BS as the GPU is responsible for sending the signal and monitor decoding the packets. At worst I might have to force 144hz over 1080p somehow but I cannot see...
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    Want to Sell Evga GTX 1080 FE

    Yes 1080, most local sales are 825+ asking for ti's along with 1080s around 700-750, 700 including the artic IV is quite reasonable imo. A drop of gigabyte and evga 3080s hit last week so there is probably an influx of people trying to sell at the moment as well. I generally price things at the...
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    Want to Sell Watercooling Parts + Fans

    edit nvm: saw the location in the posting
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    Want to Sell Evga GTX 1080 FE

    Comes with aftermarket cooling (75$ value), https://www.arctic.de/en/ax4 Brand new artic fan was installed about 3 months ago Old artic fan is included 1/3 bearings is starting to make a buzz noise (probably could be easily fixed) Stock heatsink and cooler is included Extra alumunium heatsinks...
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    Rants etc.....

    They could just limit returns to 1 per customer, if there not auditing returned merch like bestbuy and other places well then that would be on them. Its just the lazy way out for them. I suppose preventing a mass return is good in case the market does flood at some point but there are better...
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    how much of an improvement going from 4690k-i7 7700k?

    If you see value now in the upgrade it will benifit in the long run as GPU's improve at higher resolutions the CPU will become relevant again in the future. 1080p will have gains, 1440p will have gains, 4k will have gains in the future depending on the GPU and scaling of new tech. If you work...
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    Rants etc.....

    Did anyone else know GPU sales at memx are "final sale" because of the demand for them? I cant take back a 3080 even if I wanted to out of generosity to someone else who is waiting in line for one... Some solid policies in effect. Refuse returns, promote people to scalp once they check market...
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    Buy/Sell & Trade Rules

    would a docusign signature with a gpu-z photo be sufficient, i'm too lazy to pull parts and find paper in a digital age
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    Rants etc.....

    Its no different than apartments, apartments at least are a regulated buisiness with captiol to expend in most cases. Housing is just worse because most home owners have zero financial/business education and then end up divorced or something and fail to maintain a mortgage leaving no money to...

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