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  • Hey soulless, i recently upgraded my fatherinlaws old c2d system for him and i have his old mobo, processor and ram. its yours for free for a fellow hwc member if you want it. it was woking when i pulled it. I dont know the model number of the board but it is a generic foxcon mixro atx.
    Hi John: Have a look here
    I didnt mention your name because i wasnt sure you would approve.

    that cpu you sent me, im a but confused, some website seem to say its am3, others say its am2 or am2+
    I have an am2 board and the cpu fits in the cpu slot but i havent tried to fire it up.
    I know you will know the answer.
    What i am gonna do is start a list of goodies you send me and now and again put some money in your emt account.
    What email addy do you use for emt?
    I couldnt remember your name from the envelope but i figured it was only one of maybe 3 people that would send me goodies for my charity work or otherwise and i was right on the first guess. The Campbell River B.C. was a help, lol.
    Hey, thanks for the cpu.
    What i will do is wait til i owed you $10 or so for shipping and then emt you. I will keep track of it for you. I know you arent asking but its the least i can do and if you ever want a small amount for a part dont hesistate to ask me.
    Thanks very much, i will put it to use
    So did you move? I think you said you got a new job? Yes, you did, a sort of mgr. Hows things going?
    Any stuff you wanna get rid of ? Oh wait, you sent it to me already, lol.
    Thanks John
    God bless
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