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    I made a game! Check it out, let me know what you think.

    Long time member here, had this idea wayyyy back. Finally got a working version going. Looking for feedback, give it a try! Introducing SQUAIRZ! SQUAIRZ is an addictive new puzzle/strategy game. It is a completely new take on an old classic. The original got it's name from the geometric shape...
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    Want to Sell Huge sale from long time member, you should all be very excited.

    Vive and Monitors sold, new prices on WC gear.
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    Want to Sell Huge sale from long time member, you should all be very excited.

    Maybe selling or renting my place, time to get rid of some stuff. Water cooling gear and 2 XSPC water blocked Radeon 7970's. 1-120mm Double thick Rad. 2-240mm Rad's. 2 MCP-655 pumps, Universal GPU Block and 2 Reservoirs. $350 shipped for everything or $200 shipped for the GPU's and $200 shipped...
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    looking for opinions/options/insights thank you muchly

    I've had my logitech G35 for over 10 years. Comfy, you can get replacement ear and head pads off ebay. They sound good too. I like them for gaming for the positional audio. Have sennheiser HD for music.
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    Star Wars Battlefront II

    I've said this before. The frostbite engine has the best eye candy to framerate ratio of all engines out there. Your gonna want to include a frostbite title in any gpu test.
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    Star Wars Battlefront II

    Found the problem. Folks, we got a preorderer here!
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    Want to Buy Looking for Water Cooling items

    I have a full loop. 2 rads, 2 pumps, 2 reservoirs and a cpu cooler that I ran on my 4770k. I'll post up a picture when I get home from work.
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    New 1080 Ti installed, keyboard not detected on boot... whaa?

    Back in the old days, hardware was not plug and play. You had to set jumpers on the add in to assign interrupts, base memory addresses etc. Modern plug and play hardware the bios does this automatically. My guess is your bios cannot recognize the new 1080ti properly and is assigning resources...
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    EVGA 1080 Ti Kingpin - opinions? Buying from US?

    I bet it was a "brokerage" fee and not duties. Do not ever use ups to cross border ship.
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    Ryzen Build - FAIL

    Artifacts like those green dots almost always point to faulty GPU vram.
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    BC Forest Fires

    Lokked out the window this morning and ugh, same. Had a coffee and a Shower and it had cleared up. Still some haze but yay blue sky!
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    what about this realan mini pc case?It has HTPC equipment.

    Hdmi stick will only play through your tv speakers though or can you plug it into your amp that hdmi's to the TV?
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    BC Forest Fires

    I'm up in the Shuswap now. Really thick here. You can see bits of ash on your vehicle.
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    BC Forest Fires

    Smoke has filled the Okanagan valley here.
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    1080 ti FE - dropping below advertised boost clock.

    Normal. There are temp and power limits which will throttle your boost clocks. GPU pounders like 3d mark will do this.