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  • To whoever booted that new member's post, thanks!
    I was just posting a response but couldn't, dammit:)
    Heh.... it was me. Pretty bizarre, straight up copy/paste from a (Hare Krishna? ) tract. Guess the airports are too busy today for them to peddle their wares. :)
    Hi sswilson..
    I am having some issues trying to get my computer to not freeze up. I was wondering where I can start a post to try to get help to resolve my problem or maybe just to see what the issue is. I reformatted my hard drive to see if I could resolve the issue but now I could only install windows vista and now continues to freeze on me. I had windows 7 prior to, but 7 when rebooted would keep entering sleep mode upon restarts. And I did try Windows 7 again only to get the same issues. Now I can only install Vista but Vista keeps freezeing. Do you think you could point me into the right direction?

    Thank you.
    Heh... np. It looked pretty shady to me when I read it, but hey... 'tis the internet so these things happen. :)
    Heh... say hi back for me... It took a couple of seconds for me to figure out the reference... Been a long time since the OpenSpace forums were active. :) (Wonder if they ever did find the PC that the server was running on........ ;) ).
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