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    LANtastic VII - Waterloo, ON, Canada - Sep24 2016

    Hmm, it seems that modifying the thread title deleted the OP? What's up with that? :dots:
  2. steers

    LANtastic VII - Waterloo, ON, Canada - Sep24 2016

    Games list is up now, exact schedule still TBD though.
  3. steers

    Rants etc.....

    It seems the keycaptcha puzzle on the HWC forgot password page doesn't work so well in 4K, had to reset it from work. Might have just been my own incompetence, but the endless 1px gaps were pure suffering.
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    how many years old are you... really?

    Just turned 21 last week. I guess once you leave teenagehood you kinda need to get used to an increase in age not granting "unlocks", a la drinking, voting, etc.
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    Build or prebuilt

    When you open the motherboard, remember to hang onto the manual. I'm sure many will attest that the motherboard manual is probably the single most valuable source of information you have access to when building a computer. That'll tell you exactly what to put where and how to do it, so read...
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    Razer Launches Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

    What switches are Razer using for this? I wonder if it's a proprietary design or if they're just using Cherry Browns or something. In any case, mechanical keyboards are definitely where it's at. Very pleased with my das3. Though, and this is personal preference, I actually don't like using it...
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    Work in progress octTower - Final photos part II

    Seeing this all come together in a finished package is going to be amazing. Keep it up! :thumb:
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    Best place to buy a desk

    Unfortunately it's just a straight desk, but it's a solid product and it was a good fit for my needs: IKEA | Desktop solutions | GALANT system | GALANT | Desk They carry a whole bunch of different tabletops all in the same "system", but unfortunately as soon as you introduce a "bend", the price...
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    Best place to buy a desk

    Secondsies on the Galant from Ikea. Solid desk, though perhaps a bit pricy. I just bought the straight, longer model with T-legs, and I think it came to around $200something. Two years of very heavy use and it's still going strong. Easy to move, easy to clean, if you can afford it I suppose.
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    Choosing a new case

    Another case that gets a lot of recommendations around here: The Cooler Master ATCS840. I built my dual-socket server in one and I just love it. Big selling features are the removable motherboard tray and all-aluminum construction (lightweight). Loaded up with poo fans, it keeps everything...
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    Need help with Water Cooling Project

    The XSPC dual-bay D5 unit is built pretty solid from how it looks, but I'm waiting until I can afford my second radiator before I upgrade the loop to test it out.
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    HwC Meet-up: Kitchener-Waterloo Edition

    Yeah, as HWC goes we're a relatively small community full of interesting people. With larger communities sometimes it's a bit different. The irony of having a computer enthusiast gathering at a mennonite tavern isn't lost on me :haha: Never been, but that's definitely quite the hike for me...
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    HwC Meet-up: Kitchener-Waterloo Edition

    Yeah, the very beginning of the meetup always tends to be the most awkward, when everyone's still assembling... "Are... Are you from the Internet?" :rofl: So, the only time that's really no good for me is the weekend of Aug. 15th. Gonna be back home at a friend's wedding then. Weekends usually...
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    HwC Meet-up: Kitchener-Waterloo Edition

    To avoid hijacking Arinoth's thread any further, I've decided to actually make a separate thread to gauge interest in a friendly Hardware Canucks get-together in the K-W region. I think there are enough of us around to warrant our own dedicated meet-up. Aspects such as time and location remain...
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    HwC Meet Durham Region

    Cheaper... or free with a Watcard :ph34r: I swear, I don't know what I'd do without that thing. I've probably almost broken even with my tuition costs in saved bus fare alone. :haha: You don't need to be 19 to eat some nice, greasy poutine, though you may need to be to get into the pub :whistle:

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