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  • hi stoanee! glad you're interested in participating. please just shoot me a PM with your name/exact mailing address and i'll add you to the list.

    Thx..look forward to hearing from you.

    Hi im interested in the atx400 powersupply
    how much in total would it be if you were to ship it to L3T4Y3 Thornhill, ontario
    Roger that, I will send request on Friday, the hotel I am at has some weird internet, I still can not email. I will take care of this when I get home tomorrow.

    Darryll Johnstone (stoanee)
    Hey there you are :biggrin:

    Yes send paypal request.

    I haven't topped my paypal up so it will go in when it comes off my bank account.

    You ship after you get your money of course!!!

    It will take around 4-7 days for the money to go in to paypal.
    Just let me know when ram goes out.

    Thanks a lot.

    If you don't want that way I can do CP money order to.
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