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    The Work Out/Lose Weight/Diet Thread

    Well I'd say that calories in vs. calories out is always true, the problem with bad food is its hard to feel full while eating less calories and bad food is hard to avoid overeating with. So it would be much harder to stick to 2000 calories a day with crappy food.
  2. Sushi Warrior

    The Work Out/Lose Weight/Diet Thread

    Not quite! Be careful about falling victim to mental traps like this. A big mac is 550 calories or so, you're closer to half of a big mac than a full one. A better approximation would be a junior chicken. The nutrition info is here!
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    anyone know the jewlery cleaner formula ( ammonia and tinfoil?

    Maybe try getting some tarn-x (I believe that's the name?) from Canadian Tire?
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    Photography thread --IMAGE INTENSIVE--

    That is absolutely breathtaking, LionRed. Amazing shots, those would make gorgeous wallpapers...
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    AMD Radeon R9 295X2 Performance Review Comment Thread

    Isn't it weird the card is throttling there? He must be running Furmark, since all the other reviews said it wouldn't throttle no matter how long it was ran for in any games. I don't think me mentioned what app he was running. Even then, 103C on VRMs is still within the safe zone (albeit barely).
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    Cooler Master Nepton 280L Review Comment Thread

    No, a rough finish means you have more TIM filling the gaps between the processor and copper, which has much worse conductance than just the copper itself. Ideally, a perfectly lapped CPU and heatsink will have such flat and smooth surfaces that almost no TIM is necessary, and you have...
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    Nvidia Titan Z

    Ghosts is a title which is absolutely crap in many ways for PC's, and doesn't need SLI/Xfire to run at full settings anyways for a high end card. Company of Heroes was also unoptimized and coded poorly in too many ways to count, so lacking multi card support is simply the dog-crap icing on a...
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    Nvidia Titan Z

    Notice how Sky is on NDA now? There's a reason for that. I'm not sold on that. At least for the original Titan, so many gamers bought it because it was the only way to get GK110 at the time that I'm absolutely positive it was outselling any professional demand. After all, the portion of the...
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    Nvidia Titan Z

    Yep, they do have a lot to prove due to all the fiascos they have had. But on the other hand, they also have the tendency of balancing out (at least partially) those issues with price/performance. I don't think AMD will ever release a perfect product. There isn't enough manpower at the company...
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    Nvidia Titan Z

    Can't speak for the software side, but crossfire and SLI drivers are getting better with each generation of cards. Given that frame pacing is fixed, and that there is good scaling for almost all titles with 2 GPUs, the software side is standing better than it ever has. But that point stands for...
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    Nvidia Titan Z

    Vesuvius definitely won't be 2K MSRP. Vesuvius will also definitively beat Titan Z if it runs at anywhere near the rumoured 700-800MHz clock speeds. AMD is going to set a new precedent for dual GPU cards, it will be the definitive halo product unless Nvidia releases a radically different GTX790...
  12. Sushi Warrior

    AMD R9 280 Preview; Tahiti Lives Again (Comment Thread)

    Those new algorithms limit the card to the standards you expect to see for short term periods (ie. intense situations in gaming, etc.), not to standards the card can run at all the time for its lifetime. It's MTBF, essentially. These cards are being run 24/7 under poor conditions, that means...
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    Next Gen AMD GPU?

    Yup, expect some Tonga soon, but it's still 28nm and GCN1.1 (Fiji might be the next gen product IIRC).
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    AMD R9 280 Preview; Tahiti Lives Again (Comment Thread)

    Better engineering cards just means the cards cost more BEFORE the big mark ups. Besides, it's essentially a physical law that when you flip transistors more often and at a higher temperature, they will fail more often than ones used in a normal manner. I don't think any practical amount of...
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    AMD R9 280 Preview; Tahiti Lives Again (Comment Thread)

    Well, I can't specifically comment on mining wearing down the hardware faster, but I can say that the RMA rate for Tahiti cards ~tripled after the mining craze started...

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