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  • Hi,
    What would be shipping cost for Microsoft Sidewinder x8 wireless mouse 4000dpi $30, to Quebec City, G1J 3W2 ?

    Hello Techokat
    Is the GTX 260 still for sale and what clock speed is it, regular or super-clocked.

    Hey Technokat, Did you ever sell your Microsoft X8 mouse? If not, I am interested in it. Please get back with me at dzlvs8@yahoo.com. FYI - I live in the USA. Specifically, in Byron, Michigan. Please let me know what you would sell it to me for. Thanks, Steve
    your acting nicely and mine are different. In my circle of friends, we say wtf all the time. its not being caustic or combative, its just a parlance. Like "why" or what the heck, or what have you. Usually people have thicker skins on the inet, especially gamers. I didnt even think about it when i typed it. Its habit. Then you blew up on me. Didnt even realize why at first.
    Ask nicely next time, I was having a bad day, I wouldn't of reacted so fiercely had you asked nicely. No harm done though.

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