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    Want to Sell [SOLD]Trident Z RGB F4-3200C16D-16GTZR[SOLD]

    Got this 16GB RAM kit for sale. Used for 2 years - RGB still bright. PArt #F4-3200C16D-16GTZR CL16-18-18-38 1.35v $75 including shipping anywhere in Canada.
  2. The Great Gazoo

    Want to Sell [SOLD]Lenovo T460 and T470 for sale[SOLD]

    It's that time again for me to give you all some great computers for good prices. For sale – a couple of notebooks / laptops. Lenovo T470, Core i5-7200U, upgraded 16GB of RAM, 240 GB NVMe SSD. Fresh install of Win 10 Pro activated with digital licence. Cosmetically, pretty much flawless...
  3. The Great Gazoo

    Want to Sell T440 Laptop - $200 includes shipping

    Sorry, this item has sold.
  4. The Great Gazoo

    Want to Sell [SOLD]Lenovo Tiny PC for sale $300[SOLD]

    The M900 is still available. M93P is sold.
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    Want to Buy Any iphones for sale?

    It's iOS14. Here's a pic from iMazing which I use for backing up my Apple stuff.
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    Want to Sell [SOLD]Lenovo Tiny PC for sale $300[SOLD]

    I've got a M93P and a M900 Lenovo tiny available right now. Great little computers! M93P Intel i5-4570T 8GB RAM 500GB HDD Win 10 Pro 65w power supply e-Transfer only and $150 includes shipping/insurance within Canada. No keyboard and mouse.SOLD SOLD SOLD M900 Intel i5-6500T 8GB RAM 500 GB HDD...
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    Want to Buy Any iphones for sale?

    OP - I have a 6s silver, 64GB. Battery was replaced early this year. Maximum capacity shows 95%. Screen protector on it always so it is mint on the front. Some very minor scuffs on the back. Overall it is a 9/10. PM me if you are interested. $100 Edit - removed duplicate info.
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    NCIX bankrupt?

    NCIX Tech Tips still has over 1MM subscribers. LOL. I wonder if somebody is still making some ad revenue off of that. Who has the keys? That's about $60K revenue per year if it was still cranking out some vids.
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    Want to Sell [SOLD]Lenovo T440 laptop and dock

    Sold - thank you to all that showed interest. More laptops coming in the new year.
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    Want to Sell [SOLD]Lenovo T440 laptop and dock

    I got another laptop ready to sell. This one is a T440 with specs as follows: i5-4300U processor 4GB RAM 500GB HDD 1600x900 screen Win10 Pro Screen has a scratch on it (see picture of screen upper right-ish area) and priced accordingly. $200 + $40 shipping to anywhere in Canada. Also have a...
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    Want to Sell Firewalla Blue

    I'm selling my Firewalla Blue because I have a different solution now with my new Unifi UDM Pro. This device is great for family or business. It protects against outside threats and also has some other great features like ad blocking and internet traffic control monitoring. It has an easy...
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    Want to Sell [SOLD]Ubiqiuti Unifi System[SOLD]

    Selling off some gear. Wanting to sell as a bundle - good for somebody wanting to upgrade their home networking to a more robust and powerful system. 1. Unifi Security Gateway/Router 2. Cloudkey Gen 2 Plus (with 1TB HDD) for remote access, setup and recording video 3. Cloudkey Rackmount 4...
  13. The Great Gazoo

    Whats your latest purchase?

    Got my Gen2 Unifi 16 port switch today. Paired up with the UDM Pro I got a couple of weeks ago. The generic SPF cable I got from Amazon does not work though even though it said it was Ubiquiti compatible. Grrrr. So it is uplinked through ethernet for now while I wait for actual legit Ubiquiti...

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