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    Quick Note: AMD Vega GPUs confirmed for 2017

    Heyyo, yeah that's a bummer no high end Vega for 2016... even though I plan on building a PC in December... hmm... and "first half of 2017" could mean anytime up to June 30, 2017... I dunno, but whenever my wife gets to come to Canada is when I'm planning on giving her my current PC and building...
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    MSI Afterburner (beta) has DirectX 12 overlay support

    Heyyo, w00t! It's finally here! At least in beta form! :P http://www.guru3d.com/files-details/msi-afterburner-beta-download.html
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    NVIDIA's GTX 1080 & GTX 1070 Detailed (Comment Thread)

    Heyyo, Super interesting and looking forward to benchmarks indeed... but anyone else notice that the SLI connector seems to use both SLI fingers on each card for these new high bandwidth bridges??? I think this means the death of tri-SLI and four card SLI... then again, the performance yields...
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    Laptop screen flickers

    Heyyo, Looking it up online there's two GPUs on that Notebook, the Intel iGPU and the Nvidia GT 765M Hmm first off you running latest drivers for both GPUs? Also, what version of Windows are you running? Is your Google Chrome setup to use the Intel iGPU or the Nvidia GPU? Check your Nvidia...
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    low end video card? crossfire?

    Heyyo, Same as above. GTX 980 Ti over crossfire AMD R9 390. Sure, the R9 390 has higher potential for performance... but it also has worse frame pacing than a single GTX 980 Ti. AMD have made frame pacing improvements in CrossFire but you'll probably still see some stuttering unless you VSYNC...
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    New Build Feedback

    Heyyo, I cringe at the AMD R7 370... I know you said 1080 with decent settings but the GTX 950 is a lot more solid of a budget GPU and they're in the exact same price range. I'd highly recommend you replace the R7 370 for a GTX 950. Here's a prime example of what I mean... look at GTA V for...
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    The AMD Athlon X4 880K Review (Comment Thread)

    Heyyo, Heh too true... well, that and Quantum Break apparently since performance in that game is the polar opposite of GOWUE. :P Now if only Microsoft and 343 Industries would bring the Master Chief Collection to PC... sigh. Even without directly testing Dx12 in this review I agree with...
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    Dual Fiji Arrives; The AMD Radeon Pro Duo - COMMENT THREAD

    Heyyo, Tbh the AMD Radeon Pro Duo is a neat card... but apparently most PC Gaming reviewers will not get be getting samples from AMD (LinusTechTips so far have stated there's a good chance they won't get it). Why? It's targeted for VR game developers (namely for use in optimizing their games...
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    Stupid question on installing a new video card.

    Heyyo, I'd recommend using Display Driver Uninstaller. http://www.guru3d.com/files-details/display-driver-uninstaller-download.html * Download that * say yes to booting into safe mode * Select Clean and shut down (nukes all display driver traces and prevents windows update from installing new...
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    The AMD Athlon X4 880K Review (Comment Thread)

    Heyyo, That's quite the impressive overclock none the less on a CPU that competes agressively price wise with a the i3-4170 which can't overclock. I can understand FM2 limitations for overclocking. My i7-3770k? I can't go above 4.4GHz or I fail post. I can crank my voltage, lower my RAM and all...
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    new build what do you think?

    Heyyo, Tbh for RAM? It's up to you if you want 16GB and 3000MHz kits. RAM does help performance but not as much as say bumping up your CPU overclocks. For example, PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant CPU Cooler: Corsair H80i GT 70.7 CFM Liquid CPU Cooler ($69.99 @ Newegg)...
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    Detailing NVIDIA's GameWorks 3.1; Comment Thread

    Heyyo, GameWorks is graphics improvement technology and DirectX 12 is essentially just optimizing hardware performance. DX12.1 has some graphics improvement technology like conservative rasterization and rasterized order view... but tbh I don't think it'll take off unless the upgrades to the...
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    Crossfire 290's causing GPU 1 to overheat.

    Heyyo, What motherboard do you have by chance? Depending on the board you probably can space it out more, especially if it has three/four way crossfire support. Otherwise? There is other solutions like liquid cooling. NZXT have a slap-on liquid cooler system that works good but the VRM is only...
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    PC in a desk, am I crazy?

    Heyyo, There's also PC bolted under a desk... Linus Tech Tips did one a while ago and it was pretty cool. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ytpK6nhsfqI I can imagine that it would work as well for a liquid cooled unit, but you'd have to be careful with the liquid cooling lines. If you really...
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    Geforce 960 2GB GPU

    Heyyo, Try the Buy/Sell/Trade section of these forums. :) Otherwise? Try other forums with BTS sections. There's also Craigslist in the UK. craigslist: london, UK jobs, flats, personals, for sale, services, community and events On the right you can select a more local area to yourself as well.

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