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    How much would a 970 strix go for?

    Well it's along the lines of a 1060 3gb which also goes for 100 so I guess that would be the fair price. Thank you
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    How much would a 970 strix go for?

    I'm not sure if there is more than one version in vram, I only found 4gb so far.
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    Playstation 3 .. is this a good deal ?

    It would be best to ask whether or not they'd prefer that over an xbox since both consoles have console exclusive games. Or you could have them wait, and get the Nintendo switch that'll come out.:whistle:
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    asus 280x top CUII

    This is the regular 2 slot card. I'll eventually get around to selling it here, but thanks for the help.
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    asus 280x top CUII

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    I simply said 350 because that's what most sold listings went for on ebay in the canada listings
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    asus 280x top CUII

    It has 1 year of warranty left. I'd like to sell it on ebay but as many of you might know, the box for it is enormous so I have no idea what to do about that. But if it will go for the same amount as it would here with the extra fees that pay pal and and ebay take, then it might be worth to...
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    The 970 card should be from 300-350 at most, 80 is a bit pushing it. IMO
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    Want to Buy Want to buy broken or dead modern gaming video cards

    Are you wanting to fix them with the oven method? Haha
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    Canadian RMA Experience

    Company Name: Asrock Product: Z97 Annviersary motherboard Warranty Period: 3 years Date purchased: January 2015 Date RMAed: January 2016 Where it was sent to: Markham Toronto Ease of RMA: 9 Any extra fees?: $10 (shipping to their repair facility) Wait time: 3 weeks Details: Very confused. Let me...
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    ASUS 280x V2 TOP

    Not shipped but theres a multitude of 290xs around the 250-300 range on RFD
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    ASUS 280x V2 TOP

    I'd love to buy it but the prices were suggesting earlier, those were literally 290x prices. 600 for 290 isn't lowballing either. I highly do suggest you check out ebay if you want top dollar, the asus top cuII do go for very high prices for some reason. However I have no idea what the...
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    ASUS 280x V2 TOP

    They seem to go for quite a lot on ebay compared to other brands so I do suggest you try to sell them on there where you very well might get them for 160-200.
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    System Part Out

    80-90 for the dh15 50 to 60 for the ram And 80 for the sad That's my guess

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