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  • Woot! Sweet dude I am glad you are in the Dead Space :D

    The game IS totally freaky and does a good job at raising your heartlevel mega notches every once in a while. Must perform just sick on your new rig! I think the controls are fine too. I even bought a gamepad to try with it but never dis as I found the KB controls just fine.

    Hey I just installed Dead Space and tried it out..... WOW even after hearing as much about it as I have its still insanely freaky. Though I really don't find the mouse and keyboard controls bad (aside from having to navigate the items with the arrow keys....) I am curious about how much better it would be with one of the 360 controllers they make for PC's. I am thinking that if any PC gamepads will have ingame support it would be them....but knowing my luck I am probably wrong.... anyways I will be playing it more later tonight with all the lights off and my headphones on so wish me luck.
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