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  • Hey man, still want that 200mm fan? I just realized that you're a September born, so am I! Sept 15th here, what are the odds!?
    God damn that's nice, I just dropped like $400 on watercooling, I must be nuts. I've been pulling my hair out trying to find a TJ07 too. How's your holiday been going?
    Haha, for good reason. GTX580's don't argue with it, don't reason with it, they just dominate it. (South Park!) I see, all I really care about are the price points, competition is good. But I agree, I've never used AMD and I never plan to. If you're in school, got finals? Some crazy weather outside right now too!
    Good lol, that's the one thing that Asus still does that shocks me, yellow cement for TIM. Opinions on the 6970/6950? I think Nvidia really caught AMD with their pants down with the GTX500's, but these 69xx's are aggressively priced.
    IOH = Northbridge right? Mine are about 57 idle 65 load ish, I'm using the optional heatsink. Get rid of the stick stuff, it's like a yellow styrofoam piece of crap. TIM replacement got me 2-3 degrees better.

    Oh that's awesome, no customs fees. Newegg never has any good deals though. R3E is a popular board, I wonder why they'd make it special order. NCIX charges out the ass for one, it's madness.
    How is shopping form Newegg? I'm weary because they're based in America, but some things just can't be found at MemEx/NCIX/Direct Canada.
    Haha I see, 6 cores and 12 threads of overclockable goodness is a tempting idea. I've spent the last couple of days trying to clean gunk off the blocks I bought. GSkill is good stuff, I put it in a buddy's gaming rig a few months back. Why don't you just get it online, Direct Canada is the bomb if you can't get it at Memex.
    Awesome, both cards seem to pump out FPS like it's going out of style. Nice motherboard choice too, love my R3E. Why a 970, feeling multiplier limited? I hope memex has some crazy deals this season!
    SW Calgary man! If you're referring to the profile pic, that's changed, got a couple of GTX295+'s since then. I like the H-50, served me very well for a year. Going to hit up some Watercooling at Christmas though, super excited. How about you? Got any plans for your rig?
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