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    wireless headset static noise

    i have steelseries h wireless on my desktop pc, i can hear static noise on my headset. i've tried changing usb ports, turning off wireless hardware (router, mice) and even a cellphone near by. i could still hear a little static noise. after spending countless hours researching online and...
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    Sound card recomendation

    i think most people failed to notice that OP wants to hook up to the turntables so he's not really looking to have a high end gaming sound card for music recording LOLs anyways i'm kind of in the same boat, i'm looking for a high end sound card to input 2 channels on my mixer to the PC and use...
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    sound card for recording

    i need a card that's capable of recording dj mixer through LEFT & RIGHT channel & Line-In. listening/gaming is not important, only the quality of recording is important. my current setup: stanton M.303 3 channel (PHONO OUTPUTS) creative x-fi fatality FPS (front panel died) win7 64bit Logitech...
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    3d vision stopped working

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    120HZ Monitor for gaming worth it?

    i went from 2253BW ([email protected]@60mhz) to XL2420TX ([email protected]@120mhz) WOW what a difference, the images are crispier and smooth. my gaming experiences has changed for the best and now i have to learn how to aim again :doh:
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    BenQ Launches XL2420T and XL2420TX Gaming Monitors

    Reg. Price: $599.99 CAD :blarg:
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    BenQ Launches XL2420T and XL2420TX Gaming Monitors

    thinking about using my income tax return money to buy this XL2420TX baby :doh: :bleh:
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    Got my Eyefinity going on!!!

    how great is looking at these black bars in between!?!?
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    Low WEI score with Radeon 5850

    just thought i'd come here to compete e-penis
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    help! appcrash problem with vista

    i am using vista ultimate sp2 64bit. everytime i play games for like 5~15 minutes the game would close and show appcrash. i've already errorchecking disk and no problem. this is really annoying. ie. Faulting application UT3.exe, version, time stamp 0x49cb0f31, faulting module UT3.exe...
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    phenom ii x4 955 temp?

    rofl water cooling :blarg: i only overclocked the ram to 1600. the rest is running on stock air cooling. my room temp runs up to 20+ c and under 25c most of the time.
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    phenom ii x4 955 temp?

    im running speedfan but it only shows the cpu temp i have two 120mm fans on case hooked up to mobo i start to get app error around 50c :doh:
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    phenom ii x4 955 temp?

    my cpu running stock fan - min temp is at 36c and high at 57c. when i game, the temp goes up to 50's and i'd start getting application error or sometimes bsod. i was wondering what is the average temp on stock OR overclock.
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    Weird random restart with no screen

    my ram is ddr3-1600 but it runs at 1066 i did not see any option to change it under bios :doh:
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    Weird random restart with no screen

    no, everything is at stock. should i update bios or what? here is the cpuid after an hour of gaming

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