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    2nd Build, Need opinions and Help

    I believe the AIO fans are LL’s as well. I’m understanding most of what you’re explaining. In your opinion, what would be the best solution in order to achieve full ARGB as well as full control over my fan speeds?
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    2nd Build, Need opinions and Help

    So, if I plug in the AIO into the mobo header I won't be able to control fan speeds but ill be able to control the Lighting as separate units, and if I group them in hubs ill have to treat each group as a single unit eliminating some lighting effects such as wave effects or any that have a delay...
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    2nd Build, Need opinions and Help

    So, technically this is my second build, but I had a lot of help with compatibility/troubleshooting from a family member on the PC I have now. I have a good general knowledge of the process and have tried my best to do my research on this whole build, but I'd really like some input from others...