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  • Where you been hidin'??....hope all is well....don't be such a stranger now that you got the rig :)
    Hey?...I need the card back for a build!!...LMAO!!!.....just kiddin'..LOL!!....sometimes I can be a nasty bastard!!...LOL!!
    I have been playing ALOT of fallout 3 so much that I need to take a break from it or I won't want to play it anymore at all. Anyways Fritzguy(generous soul who donated the E7200) asked me a while go for some screen shots of benchies of this monster and I finally just took the time to do it so I am gonna revive the thread and post the jpeg i just made. heh its been a while since I even looked at it because I have been so busy oogling this new rig. heh so off I go to revive it.
    lol...as long as yer havin fun Owen :) thats what these things were made for....I keep gettin my ass kicked in Crysis...lol...I love playin but I SUCK at it!...lol....Play on MacBeth!...lol
    its so far beyond awesome! better than I ever could have imagined.
    its also just nice not to have all the HP crap cluttering up the system.
    I kinda feel like an ass just because I was worried about it only having 2 gigs of ram but honestly even if I put another 2 gigs in here I don't think I would notice an improvement
    its running just that nicely. I still am just in awe of your surprise to though i never thought I would have a video card that good in a million years. Not that the
    8800 isn't a wicked card just the 9800 is just so freaking wicked its nuts...... anyways thats a pretty big rant so I will cut off right there for now. heh.
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