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  • just curious why you are running eyefinity,nvidia and th2go? I contimplating one of those formats right now in surround v's one large center front monitor. My current system is i7 920 oc to 3.8 and I'm running one gtx285 only. I have one Acer 24" 3d 120HZ monitor, Nvidia 3D system and TrackIR Pro . My only game on this system is FlightsimX and all I really want to do is instrument training.A little realism using 3D is fun however it is annoying having to remove my glasses all the time so I am contimplating going with eyefinity or th2go only. 2 more 24" acer monitors and the extra video card to run this 3D may be more mone than my budget or current system will allow. I may just stick to the 24" standard monitors and go th2go as I believe my current sytem will do this. I have one 19" square monitor that I would like to use for instruments only. Lastly, I am considering one 32" 3D TV only as that just may do what I need just fine, well, if a TV out there can do the 3D thing I guess?
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